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ImpactSummer/Fall 2019

Introducing the Sease Institute: A Legacy of Innovation

Dr. Gene E. Sease, University of Indianapolis president and chancellor, 1970-1989 The Sease Institute connects University expertise with modern business needs. At the University of Indianapolis, a long legacy of problem-solving in workforce development lay the groundwork for dynamic responses...

ImpactWinter/Spring 2019

Opening New Doors for STEM Professionals

Rolls Royce Engineer Fulfills Dream to Teach Transition to teaching program opens new doors for STEM professionals Just two years ago, Jas’minique Potter played a vital role as a design engineer at Rolls-Royce. This fall, she walked into a seventh-grade...

ImpactWinter/Spring 2019

Tackling a Nationwide Shortage

Pioneering Community-based Nursing Collaborating with healthcare providers across the region, School of Nursing faculty are leading strategies to identify innovative healthcare practices to address community needs, while at the same time enriching educational opportunities for healthcare practitioners and nursing students....

ImpactWinter/Spring 2019

Learning and Living Business

From Supply Chain Management to Six Sigma Certification, UIndy’s School of Business is partnering students with businesses to solve real-world problems.    For decades, businesses have sought to reduce inefficiencies and drive improvement. Industry leaders such as Jack Welch, former...

ImpactSummer/Fall 2018

Inspiring Possibilities

Partnerships form a vital role in the health of our community as they enable organizations to expand their impact. The ongoing partnership between the University of Indianapolis and Community Health Network is one such important example of strengthening ties and...

ImpactSummer/Fall 2018

Never An Hour Wasted

A Career of Caring & Servant Leadership There’s never an hour wasted serving someone else,” said Paige Dooley ’85 (nursing). This sentiment has been a cornerstone of her career, and arguably of her life. Paige Dooley lived on campus from ’82 -...

Fall 2017Impact

Her Relentless Pursuit

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLE8wM2yi-4&t=3s Invisible beyond the horizon, too many men are trafficked and enslaved aboard fishing ships in Thailand’s $1 billion fishing industry. These are people who exist in the shadows across the globe, part of a modern-day slave trade that represents...

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