University UpdatesWinter/Spring 2021

Winter/Spring 2021: College of Applied Behavioral Sciences

Assistant professor Dr. Mason Burns and Erica Granz ’21 (MA, psychology) published “Confronting Sexism: Promoting Confrontation Acceptance and Reducing Stereotyping through Stereotype Framing” in the journal Sex Roles: A Journal of Research. 

Gabrielle Glorioso ’20 ’25 (MA, PsyD) and Dr. Erin Fekete, interim associate dean and director of psychological sciences, presented research on self-objectification and eating behaviors in women with obesity at the Annual Meeting of the American Psychological Association.

Michelle Itczak, assistant professor and practicum and internship coordinator of mental health counseling, presented a poster, “Art-Based Assessment Teaching Methods” for the UIndy Office of Accreditation 2020 Assessment Poster Fair and was interviewed for a podcast, “Littles News Briefing Episode 11: Interview with an Art Therapist.”

Dr. Rachel Feldwisch, director of counseling programs and assistant professor, Itczak, Patricia Cavanaugh ’20, and Shelbi Gabbard ’20 presented a webinar, “Art Therapy in Cancer Care” for the Indiana Counseling Association Annual Conference.

Feldwisch co-authored “Safe Sisters: A Sorority-Based Bystander Intervention Program to Prevent Sexual Assault” in The Journal of College Counseling (October 2020). 

Dr. Lynn Shaw, assistant professor of social work and MSW field director, was the guest speaker for a NASW-Indiana webinar, “Mindful Moments: A Contemplative Practice for Self-Care.”

Shaw also presented a webinar on  “Laughter Yoga for Faculty Engagement” for the faculty at St. Catherine University and was interviewed by FOX 59 for a segment on managing stress during a pandemic.

Shaw and Francine Carter, assistant professor in the Phylis Lan Lin Department of Social Work, were the plenary speakers for the National Association of Social Workers of Indiana State Conference. The virtual presentation was titled “Critical Self-Reflection in Social Work Practice – Reflection is Reflection, Isn’t It?”. 

Social work faculty, including assistant professors Stephanie Rudd and Melissa Ketner, teamed up to offer pro bono services to first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Taniko King-Jordan, BSW program director and assistant professor of social work, submitted a peer-reviewed manuscript for publication to Advances in Social Work Special Edition: Dismantling White Supremacy in Social Work Education. 

King-Jordan also contributed to a chapter in Child and Family-Serving Systems: A Compendium of Policy and Practice on “Transition-Age Foster Youth: Implications for policy, practice, and research.” 

Dr. Katie Boucher, assistant professor of psychology, spoke with Fox 59 and the IndyStar about the psychology of mask-wearing. The story was syndicated and appeared in multiple outlets across the state.

Boucher presented a workshop on “Supporting equity and success in a blended learning environment” for faculty at the University of Toledo.

Research by Dr. Aaron Kivisto, associate professor of clinical psychology, Dr. Katherine Kivisto, associate professor of clinical child psychology, Erica Gurnell ’22 (PsyD), and Dr. Peter Phalen ’19 (PsyD) shows that state-level gun ownership is strongly linked to rates of suicide among high school-aged adolescents, and gun ownership is linked more strongly to adolescent suicide than adult suicide.

Dr. Aaron Kivisto and Phalen are serving as external program evaluators for the State of Indiana’s Recovery Works program.

Professor Dr. Debbie Warman published an article, “Decision-making about intrusive thoughts: Relationships to attitudes towards them” in the Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry.

Dr. Rhianna Beasley ’20 (PsyD), assistant professor Dr. Jordan Waldron and Dr. Aaron Kivisto published “Childhood maltreatment and psychosis: A comparative validity study of maltreatment indices” in Child Maltreatment.  

Dr. Emma Eckart, assistant professor, co-authored “Predictive variables of faculty retention in the counselor education field: A gender perspective” in the Journal of Education and Training Studies.

Eckart also co-authored “Counselor educator mothers: Work-life enrichment and occupational satisfaction” in Adultspan and presented a webinar, “Work-Family Conflict of Female Counselors,” for the Indiana Counseling Association.

Dean Dr. Torrey Wilson co-authored “Themes and trends in teaching group psychotherapy” in The Group Psychologist

Wilson co-presented “Cultural humility & structural competency: Recognizing sociocultural embeddedness reduces resistance” at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association.

Wilson also co-created a pre-conference workshop, “Yes, us, too: Addressing realities of sexual harassment of counseling psychology trainees in an ethical, empowering, and compassionate way” for the 2020 Counseling Psychology Conference in New Orleans, LA. *Canceled due to the pandemic

Psychology students Allison Taylor ’20, Ansley Crutchfield ’23, Elizabeth Ray ’21, Alena Gorman ’21 (MA), and Dr. Boucher co-presented a poster on the influence of belonging and faculty mindset for college students’ STEM experiences at the MidAmerica Undergraduate Psychology Research Conference.

Dr. Jordan Waldron, assistant professor of psychology, presented a poster, “The impact of drug source and user’s race on stigma toward opioid addiction” at the 17th Annual Improving Outcomes in the Treatment of Opioid Dependence Conference. 

Waldron also presented “Biogenetic explanations and stigma: A comparison of schizophrenia and alcohol use disorder” at the 11th Annual International Conference on Stigma.  

Professor Christie Jansing, LCSW (BSW Program) and Diana Buxton ’04 (LCSW) presented “Secondary Traumatic Stress” at the Johnson County Department of Children’s Services in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Dr. Kendra Thomas, assistant professor, and Erin Hoolihan ’17 (MA, clinical psychology) co-authored an article, “The relationship between bonding social capital, personal belief in a just world, and well-being: An analysis of a diverse adolescent sample” in Social Psychology of Education. 
Adam Sensoli ’22 and Sarah Kosten ’20 (PsyD) presented dissertation findings to South African non-profit iThemba. Under the guidance of Dr. Kendra Thomas, they provided pro-bono program evaluation and helped the organization make data-driven decisions.