Class NotesSummer/Fall 2020

Summer/Fall 2020: In Memorium

  • Violet A. “Vi” Hauser ’42—January 10
  • Kathryn R. Koenig ’45—April 3
  • Rev. Richard R. “Dick” Smith ’45—February 23
  • Helen R. Spotts ’45—October 30, 2019
  • Wayne Wilson Hostetler ’46—March 19
  • Betty Jo Batty ’50—January 6
  • Fred E. Fisher ’50—February 27
  • Barbara E. Harner ’50—April 28
  • Joseph W. Russell ’50—May 20
  • David P. Elliott ’51—May 8
  • Eva Gertrude Fields ’51—July 28, 2019
  • Bradley D. “Brad” Warren ’51—May 6
  • Judith E. “Judy” Johnson ’52—March 6
  • Leroy R. Rapp ’53—March 7
  • Dr. John T. “Jay” Windell ’53—January 8
  • Rev​.​ Elmer E. Bosworth ’55—January 28
  • Curtis L. Atteberry ’56—November 23, 2019
  • Sondra M. Oldham ’56—May 1
  • Phyllis A. Imel ’57—February 22
  • John Weston Engle ’59—March 4
  • Norman R. Chaney ’60—May 6
  • Marilyn R. Dixon ’60—April 14
  • Jack P. Miller ’60—May 29
  • Martha Woodley ’61—May 2
  • James C. Cummings, Jr. ’62—April 23
  • Beverly J. Wissler ’62—February 20
  • Paul A. Bangura ’64—April 29
  • Dale R. Bancroft ’66—April 15
  • Dixie L. Mills ’66—May 7
  • Frank R. Tom ’66—March 5
  • Charles D. “Chuck” Whiting, III ’67—November 28, 2019
  • Tom W. Corwin ’69—November 6, 2019
  • Dwight R. Grant ’70—November 23, 2019
  • Diane S. Jackson ’71—December 19, 2019
  • Barbara Hensley ’72—May 17
  • Vaino D. Grayam ’73—May 29
  • C. Bruce Haddix ’74—November 5, 2019
  • Paula J. Cooney ’75—April 8
  • Fred S. “Steve” Lawrenz ’75—November 4, 2019
  • Rev. Teresa G. “Terry” Emery ’76—January 1
  • Dale B. Stelting ’76—December 6, 2019
  • Billy D. Sandall ’76—May 5
  • Dale L. Watson ’76 —May 17
  • Ronald L. Chappell ’77—March 22
  • Loretta K. “Lori” Harting ’78—February 4
  • Debra Chastain Penrod ’78—on August 10, 2019
  • David F. Schortinghuis ’80—May 5
  • Marceline M. “Marcy” Pennington ’82—January 10
  • Joseph A. Gore, Sr. ’83—December 12, 2019
  • David W. Hughes ’83 ’86—November 19, 2019
  • Joanna M. Jaggar ’83—October 12, 2019
  • Don J. Holden ’85—April 20
  • Paul W. Loggan ’85—April 12
  • Erika E. Schultz ’85 ’89—April 21
  • Nora A. “Alice” Fyffe ’86—May 6
  • Gary A. Ellis ’87—December 7, 2019
  • Melissa A. Cowan ’88—February 11
  • Marsha L. Jabir ’88—January 14
  • Tony L. Trotter ’90—April 4
  • Frederic O. “Fred” Griffin ’91—March 11
  • Susan J. Cunningham-McNeal ’93 ’95—December 18, 2019
  • Robert W. “Bill” Lohman ’93—February 11
  • Mary J. Lutgring ’93—January 2
  • Donna J. Schelonka ’93—January 2
  • Phyllis J. Markovic ’97—April 12
  • Caroline S. Brackin ’98—January 27
  • Rita K. Quattrocchi ’98 ’99—May 2
  • Lynda M. Barton-Kirch ’05—February 16
  • Connie M. Mikuski-DeMory ’13—April 24 
  • Paul D. Lucas (Past Faculty)—April 6
  • James A. Jones (Past Faculty)—May 15 
  • Connie Wilson (Past Faculty)—May 21

Christel DeHaan


The University of Indianapolis community mourns the loss of Christel DeHaan, a pivotal civic and philanthropic leader and long-serving Board of Trustees member. Christel was a true friend to the University and was instrumental in leading UIndy to the status of a nationally-ranked institution. 

Christel served on the University Board of Trustees from 1990 to 2008. During her tenure, she also served as Board Chair and earned an honorary doctorate degree from the University in 1993. The University is grateful for her immeasurable impact on our institution and the broader community.

Her love for music and the arts was manifested through her generous gift to establish the Christel DeHaan Fine Arts Center, which was the largest single contribution at that time in University history. The award-winning structure was built in 1994 and houses the two-tiered Ruth Lilly Performance Hall, an art gallery, practice rooms, art studios, classrooms, and a lecture hall with state-of-the-art learning technology. 

Her charitable contributions also established the DeHaan School of Education Quasi Endowment and the DeHaan Chair for the Center for Aging & Community at the University of Indianapolis. Christel’s influence on campus was widespread, ranging from the beautification of Smith Mall to support for the creation of the Indianapolis Quartet. Through all of these programs, experiences, and physical enhancements, Christel has had a positive impact on the life chances of so many of our students, faculty, and staff. 

In 1998, she founded Christel House International, a charity that builds educational and social programs for children all over the world. The Christel House Academy, which opened in 2010, is located just two miles north of the UIndy campus.  The University continues to partner with the school providing dual credit and scholarship opportunities for its students and graduates.

Christel was a constant reminder of the importance of engaging with others and using our abilities to serve. Her inspirational legacy will continue to live on through the countless opportunities provided to students within the Christel DeHaan Fine Arts Center. 

She was one of the great connectors of our city, community, and society. We will long remember with gratitude Christel’s passionate advocacy for the arts, her visionary leadership, and her philanthropic work on behalf of her community, city, and the world.

The University presented Christel DeHaan with a framed composition of Sinfonia (Part 2), composed in her honor by John Berners, associate professor of music, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Christel DeHaan Fine Arts Center (September 2015). From left: President Robert L. Manuel, Christel DeHaan, John Berners, and Yvonne Shaheen, Board of Trustees member, past Board chair and chair of the Campaign for the University of Indianapolis.