President's ForumSummer/Fall 2020

Commitment to our Community

President Robert Manuel

Dear colleagues,

There is so much happening in our world right now that rightly deserves our attention. During the past several months, we have focused the University’s resources and thought on the myriad of issues facing our community. While we have spent much time on our response to the coronavirus, we must also acknowledge the injustices that are occurring around the country that interfere with our Black population’s right to live free and fulfilling lives.

At times of consequence, I often review how the University reacted to events in the past. In these extraordinary circumstances we have found ourselves in so far this year, the creativity, flexibility, and the extra work put in to keep our educational programs going can be compared to what the University had to manage through the World Wars and the Great Depression.

In each of these difficult moments in the University’s history, the institution led by putting its mission first; by ensuring that hospitality for its members was provided, and those who could, served those in need. I am immensely proud of the University’s response in these tumultuous times. We have truly been at the forefront, honoring our commitment to our community and those inside it. As you will see in these pages, our graduates are playing critical roles by caring and advocating for those who cannot care or advocate for themselves.

From donating personal protective equipment to providing care on the front lines, members of our Greyhound community have been nimble and proactive in their response to the coronavirus. Greyhounds have also organized and attended events promoting equality and justice. Meanwhile, our faculty are adapting to ensure our next generation of UIndy graduates are ready for whatever uncertainty the world may bring.

The story of what we accomplished during this challenging chapter of our history is still being written. History will remember these moments for how we persevered to fulfill our mission as an institution as well as serving as an inflection point for our role in pursuing equity, inclusion, and racial justice; and it will remember your care and actions as the reason we were able to emerge stronger. 

Thank you.

– Robert L. Manuel
University President