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Paws What You’re Doing!

For the first time in nearly 40 years, UIndy’s live
mascot program has returned. Meet Grady, a two-
year-old retired racer from Daytona, Florida.

Grady’s full name is C. Greyson Veritas, a nod to the school colors of crimson and grey and the Latin word for TRUTH. “VERITAS” appeared in the official seal when the University was known as Indiana Central College (as part of the motto, “Truth through faith and science.”)

Grady was formally introduced in November with help from some new friends, including Ace and Butler Blue III.

Grady with the other school live mascots

In his previous career, he was known to reach speeds of 70 km per hour within 30 meters! Now, he’s happy to take leisurely walks around campus with his handler, Coran Sigman ‘14 (sociology/communications), who also serves as the University’s associate director of alumni engagement.


Grady has discovered 137 new scents (and counting!), chased his
fair share of squirrels, and made friends with everyone he’s met
since arriving on campus. As an official staff member, his job entails
increasing school spirit, spreading goodwill, and making memories with
fellow Greyhounds for many dog years to come.

January 1966: The campus community welcomes three-year-old Dixie as the first live mascot. The retired racer lived on campus for about two years before returning to her home state of Florida in December 1967.


October 1978: Indiana Central University announces the arrival of its second live mascot. Timothy O’Toole, a five-year-old retired racing Greyhound from Florida, proudly represented the school until 1981.

November 2019: C. Greyson Veritas, aka “Grady,” becomes the third live mascot.

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