Summer/Fall 2019University Updates

Fall 2019: Shaheen College of Arts & Sciences


Graduate students Erin Edwards, Alexandria McDaniel, Megan Hoffman, and MacKenzie Vermillion presented research about dental microwear texture analysis of ancient people from the United States and Peru at the annual national meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (AAPA) in Cleveland, Ohio.

Dr. Christopher Schmidt, professor of anthropology, contributed to an invited symposium on the study of under-represented groups in the osteological record at the annual national meeting of the AAPA. Schmidt also published a paper in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology, “Dental microwear texture analysis of Homo sapiens: foragers, farmers, and pastoralists.” The project was funded by the National Science Foundation.

Art & Design

Nathan Foley, assistant professor, and Jim Viewegh, chair, were awarded a public sculpture commission from the Arts Council of Indianapolis for the Riverview Apartments on the near west side of Indianapolis.

Art & Design faculty Katherine Fries, Nathan Foley, and Jim Viewegh presented at the Foundations in Art: Theory and Education conference in Columbus, Ohio.

This spring, Nathan Foley was included in a two-person exhibition, “Flight Pattern,” at the Greenville Center for Creative Arts in Greenville, SC.

OJ Moor ’19 (visual communication design), received a Silver Student ADDY award for a promotional postcard created for the Department of Art & Design juried student exhibition. The card was designed in One14 Design Studio, an Applied Visual Communication Design class taught by Rhonda Wolverton, assistant professor, and Julia Taugner, associate professor.

The work of Sarah Pfohl, assistant professor, was featured in Private/Public, an online juried exhibition hosted by Light Leaked. Pfohl participated in a juried photography master class in Oaxaca, Mexico, with the results featured in Photo-Emphasis.

A group of advanced printmaking students, along with Katherine Fries and Assistant Bursar Andrea Stranak, spent five days as specialized volunteers at the world’s largest collection of type, thanks to a grant from the Shaheen College of Arts & Sciences. The Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, is the only museum dedicated to the preservation, study, production and printing of wood type.


Dr. Nelson Kraus, associate adjunct professor, presented a lecture at the Center for Inquiry in February about his book, “Super Simple Anatomy & Physiology,” which was published in 2018. In March, he conducted an interactive workshop at the AACA-HAPS Joint Southern Regional Conference at Bellarmine University. He also was featured in a Course Hero article about his book publication and how he keeps students engaged in class.

Recipient of the Visiting Scholar Grant from the Field Museum of Chicago Dr. Marc Milne, assistant professor, visited the museum in March to examine small and rare sheet-web spiders in the museum’s collection. He and colleagues uncovered several new records for Indiana, Illinois, and Florida, and multiple undescribed species that await description.

Milne traveled in late May to the Canadian National Collection of Insects, Arachnids and Nematodes, one of the largest collections of its kind in the world, as part of a grant from the CanaColl Foundation to help curate their spider collection. He examined and re-identified 323 spiders during the visit.

Dr. Doug Stemke, associate professor and president-elect of the Indiana Branch of the American Society of Microbiology, organized the annual meeting of this organization, where two students, Chloe Wahl ’19 (chemistry and biology) and Nicole Scott ’19 (chemistry and biology), presented research.

Dr. Dean Wiseman, associate professor, was elected to the Indiana Academy of Science Council and named Treasurer to the Indiana Chapter of the American Association of University Professors.

Students and faculty presented at the annual Indiana Academy of Sciences: Dr. Marc Milne, Dr. Kim Baker, assistant professor,  Dr. Stephen Nawrocki, professor, Dr. Krista Latham, associate professor, Erik Hart ’19 (biology), Joe Gonsiorowski ’20 (molecular biology), Nathan Tuft ’21 (human biology), Luke Frandsen ’19 (human biology), Janise Acosta ’19 (biology), Laura McKee ’19 (molecular biology), Jessica Rivosecchi-Fulton ’19 (M.S., human biology), Madeline Parker ’19 (M.S., human biology), Erica Cantor ’19 (M.S., human biology), Rachel Kreher ’19 (M.S., human biology), Breanna Davis ’20 (biology), Mikia Davis ’19 (M.S., anatomical sciences), Jaime Rhodes ’20 (human biology), Katie Rust ’19 (M.S., anatomical sciences).

Dr. Kevin Gribbins and Dr. Nawrocki led a spring term trip to Costa Rica with 21 students to study tropical ecology and biodiversity.

In May, Dr. Latham and human biology graduate students who comprise the UIndy Beyond Borders Team returned to southern Texas to continue their humanitarian efforts.


UIndy Forensics Speech and Debate Team member Craig Chigadza ’21 (psychology and international relations) was named the 2019 National Champion in Interview Speaking and the 2019 State Champion in Persuasive Speaking. See p. 14.

Mallory Moreno ’19 (communication) was named Best On-Air Personality from the National Association of Broadcasters.

Dr. Steven Koehn, assistant professor, was named Advisor of the Year by the National Broadcast Society. He also presented “The Impact of New Technologies on the Production of Television News” at the 15th International Conference on Technology, Knowledge & Society in Barcelona, Spain.

Samantha Ankney ’20 (communication) and Clarissa Cairns ’20 (communication) received scholarships from the Indiana Broadcasters Association.

Staff of The Reflector, the official student newspaper of the University of Indianapolis (print and online), won 25 Indiana Collegiate Press Association state-level journalism awards in March. Visit for the full list of names and awards.

Criminal Justice

Bailey Thompson ’19 (criminal justice), president of UIndy’s chapter of Alpha Phi Sigma, the National Criminal Justice Honors Society, attended the society’s national conference in Baltimore, with support from Shaheen College of Arts & Sciences Student Career Readiness and Leadership Development funds.

Dr. Bruce Biggs, assistant professor, presented “Examining the Relationship Between Officer Perceptions of Job Efficacy Resources and Officer Attitudes” at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences annual meeting in Baltimore.

Jim Perillo, associate adjunct, partnered with the Loss Prevention Foundation to host Loss Prevention Learning Day on campus March 12. Nearly 100 loss prevention professionals and students attended.

Dr. Kevin Whiteacre, chair and associate professor, presented with Liz Whiteacre, assistant professor of English, on “Wikipedia in the Classroom” and “Supporting Student Writing with Designated Tutors” at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences annual meeting in Baltimore.


Dr. Jessica Bannon, assistant professor, published an article titled, “We Are Your Neighbors: Making Public Space for Personal Stories in Immigration Advocacy,” in the inaugural issue of Spark: A 4C4Equality Journal.

Dr. Jennifer Camden, professor of English, has been named the next Beverley J. Pitts Distinguished Professor of the Ron & Laura Strain Honors College. She will hold this role for three years beginning Fall 2019.

Barney Haney, assistant professor, has been awarded the 2019 Chris O’Malley Fiction Prize for his story, “The Passage.” The story will appear in The Madison Review, published out of the University of Wisconsin.

Dr. Molly Martin, associate professor and chair of English, published her book, “Castles and Space in Malory’s Morte D’arthur,” with Boydell & Brewer.

A story by Rebecca McKanna, assistant professor, was selected as one of “The Best American Mystery Stories 2019.” Originally published in Colorado Review’s Summer 2018 issue, “Interpreting American Gothic” will be released by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt on October 1.

Kevin McKelvey, director of the Social Practice Art Program and associate professor of English, published an essay in BELT magazine about gardening as social practice.

McKelvey’s project, Barnlot II, was exhibited at Hotel Tango Farms in Indianapolis. The work explores an iconic part of Indiana’s landscape by inviting attendees to explore old farm buildings and site-based art and writing installations.

Dr. Leah Milne, assistant professor, presented research at the Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States (MELUS) conference in Cincinnati in March 2019. She also published an article in the Winter 2018 edition of the MELUS journal, entitled, “Disloyal to Civilization: Metafiction as Protest in Gina Apostol’s Gun Dealers’ Daughter.

Brooklyn Raines ’19 (creative writing) received a full scholarship for a master’s degree in creative writing at Ball State University.

Spencer Martin ’18 (creative writing and literary studies) was accepted to two Master of Fine Arts programs at Sarah Lawrence College and the University of New Orleans.

“Toyota Yaris,” a poem by Dan Vice, assistant professor, was published in the latest issue of literary journal New Ohio Review.

Dr. Steve Zimmerly, assistant professor, published his book, “The Sidekick Comes of Age: How Young Adult Literature is Shifting the Sidekick Paradigm,” with Rowman & Littlefield.

Global Languages & Cross-Cultural Studies

Three members of the Global Languages Department, Dr. Dan Briere, associate professor, Dr. Gerburg Garmann, professor, and Dr. Paul Levesque, assistant professor, presented at the 2019 Humanities Education and Research Association Conference in March 2019 in Philadelphia.

Dr. Briere, along with Dr. Eduard Arriaga, assistant professor, presented research at UIndy’s first annual Scholars Showcase, a campus-wide event highlighting the scholastic accomplishments of the campus community.

Dr. Ana Maria Ferreira, assistant professor of Spanish, published articles in two magazines. Her article in Razon Publica focused on the work of Haruki Murakami, the world-renowned contemporary Japanese novelist and writer. Ferreira also interviewed Carlos Yushimoto, a Peruvian-Japanese writer, for Arcadia magazine.


Dr. Ted Frantz, professor of history and director of the Institute for Civic Leadership & Mayoral Archives, appeared on regional media outlets to discuss Sen. Richard Lugar’s role in the creation of Unigov following the senator’s passing in April 2019.

International Relations

Dr. Jyotika Saksena, associate professor and graduate program director, received a $17,000 grant (along with Dr. Shannon McMorrow from Western Michigan University) from the Indiana Minority Health Coalition to understand the integration and health experiences of Congolese refugee women in Indianapolis.

Saksena also published an article, “Through their Eyes: A Photovoice and Interview Exploration of Integration Experiences of Congolese Refugee Women in Indianapolis,” in the Journal of International Migration and Integration.

Dr. Milind Thakar, chair and associate professor, published an article in the peer-reviewed journal PS: Political Science and Politics (Cambridge University Press) titled, “The Indian Parliament: How Party Polarization, the Rise of the Media, and Single-Party Dominance Led to the Decline of the Lok Sabha.”

Mathematical Sciences

The department hosted the Indiana Section of the Mathematical Association of America meeting in April, where Dr. Krystina K. Leganza, chair and associate professor, received the Indiana Distinguished Service Award.

The department also hosted the annual Indiana Council of Teachers of Mathematics contest for high school students throughout the state.

Dr. Lochana Siriwardena, assistant professor, received the University of Indianapolis Brooker Teaching Award at the Division of Science and Mathematics Awards Banquet.

Research by Dr. Jeff Oaks, professor, is featured in an article published by Research Outreach, a nonprofit publication based in Britain. He also had articles published in Historia Mathematica and Convergence, the Mathematical Association of America’s online journal.

Departmental student award winners are:

Outstanding Sophomore — Jenson Harris ’21 (actuarial science)

Outstanding Senior — Lalchhuan Ralte ’19 (actuarial science) and Jaskaran Sekhon ’19 (psychology, mathematics)

Emerging Mathematical Greyhound Award — Luke Roberts ’21 (actuarial science)

Dewey Gommel Excellence in Mathematics — Michelle Frustereo ’20 (mathematics teaching)

Recipients of the Mathematics Teaching Awards-Stephens Scholarship are:

Michelle Frustereo, Joseph Kenney ’20 (mathematics teaching), Madison Rumler ’21 (mathematics teaching), Sui Tial ’20 (mathematics teaching), Kristine Wood ’21 (mathematics teaching), Mackenzie Covington ’21 (mathematics teaching) and Devin Jaremczuk ’21 (mathematics teaching).


The Department submitted a self-study to the NASM Commission on Accreditation for re-accreditation as well as a Plan Approval request for the new Bachelor of Music Therapy degree and equivalency. In March, the department hosted an accreditation team for a visit, the results of which are pending.

Associate adjunct (guitar) Nemanja Ostojić traveled to Serbia with students Nolan Winters ’22 (music performance) and Logan Purcell ’21 (music performance) to participate in an international guitar festival and competition.

In April, Dr. Elisabeth Hoegberg, associate professor and chair, Lucy Shirley ’20 (music performance) and Kate Hamori ’21 (music) presented a panel, “Early 20th Century French Piano Works,” at the College Music Society-Great Lakes Conference at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

Hamori received the Outstanding Student Paper award for her presentation “Father and Composer: Imprints of Adulthood in Claude Debussy’s Children’s Corner.”

The Indianapolis Quartet performed with University of Indianapolis artist-in-residence Drew Petersen, 2017 American Pianists Awards winner and Christel DeHaan fellow. The Quartet also performed live in-studio on “Indy Style,” a local entertainment program airing on WISH-TV.

Emmet Cohen, the 2019 American Pianists Awards winner and recipient of the Cole Porter Fellowship in Jazz, has been named the next University of Indianapolis Artist-in-Residence. Cohen succeeds Drew Petersen, the 2017 American Pianists Awards winner and recipient of the Christel DeHaan Classical Fellowship. See p. 8.

Philosophy & Religion

Dr. Greg Clapper, professor of philosophy & religion, presented “‘Happiness Engineers,’ Video Games Designers, and Wesley’s Vision for Revival and Renewal” at the Oxford Institute of Methodist Theological Studies at Oxford University.

Dr. Jonathan Evans, chair and professor of philosophy, published “Boethius and the Causal Direction Strategy” in Ancient Philosophy, one of the top journals in the field of ancient philosophy.

Dr. Perry Kea, associate professor of religion, served as the Westar Institute’s Chairman of the Board of Directors. He retired this spring after 35 years at the University.

Dr. Peter Murphy, professor of philosophy, presented a poster at the prestigious Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress in Boulder, Colorado, on “Moral Minefields.” Murphy was also featured in a Charitable Advisors article for his class on effective altruism.

Physics & Earth-Space Science

Stacy Hootman, instructor, presented “Growth of Content Knowledge, Science Teaching Self-Efficacy, and Curricular Role Identity in Physical Science of Preservice Teachers” at the National Science Teachers Association conference in St. Louis.

Political Science

Dr. Laura Wilson, assistant professor of political science, published two articles: “Bettye Frink: the Billboard and Woman who Changed Alabama Politics” in the Alabama Review (July 2018) and “Does Money Matter? The Impact of State Political Context in the Relationship between Race/Ethnicity and Campaign Finance” in the Journal of the Indiana Academy of Social Sciences (October 2018).

Wilson was elected President of the Indiana Political Science Association in March after the organization hosted its annual conference on campus.

Wilson also received four grants as follows:

• Along with Ally Nickerson ’21 (political science and communication, honors concentration), a $1,500 grant through the Indiana Campus Compact’s Campus Election Engagement Project to fund voter registration drive “UIndy Votes!;”

• Along with Karlee Taylor ’20 (political science), a $2,000 Shaheen Scholarly Activity Grant to conduct research on women in Indiana politics;

• A $500 Summersell Research Fellowship through the University of Alabama for research on women in Alabama politics, and;

• A $500 research grant from the Indiana Academy of Social Sciences for research on Alabama’s Secretary of State Project.


Three faculty and four students each presented research at the North Central Sociological Association meeting in Cincinnati: Dr. Amanda Miller, chair, Brandon Mouser, instructor, Colleen Wynn, assistant professor, Angie Calvert ’19 (M.A.), Zhe Zhang ’19 (sociology), Megan Lalioff ’19 (M.A.), Kimberly Woods ’19 (M.A.).

Research by Dr. Miller on household chores and relationship satisfaction was featured in the January/February 2019 issue of Food Network Magazine.

An article by Miller in Socius: Sociological Research in a Dynamic World on the relationship between the division of labor and sexual satisfaction and frequency was listed as “most read over the last six months.”

A teaching activity co-created by Miller on reasons why couples cohabit was the third most downloaded of 2018 from the American Sociological Association website.

Dr. Jim Pennell published “Challenges and Progress in Improving the Quality and Identity of Midwest U.S. Wines,” in the Journal of Wine Research (Vol. 30, Issue 1, Feb. 2019), an interdisciplinary international wine research journal.

Department of Theatre

Kelly Casey ’19 (theatre) and Katelyn Carter ’20 (theatre and communication) were nominated for competition in the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship for their performances in “The Mousetrap.”

James Leagre, assistant professor, presented Acting for the Camera workshops at Southeastern Theatre Conference (SETC) 2019 in Knoxville, Tenn.

Alana Yurcyzk, visiting assistant professor, Dr. Kyle Thomas, associate adjunct faculty, Christian McKinney, production manager, and six students attended the United States Institute of Theatre Technology Annual Convention in Louisville, Kentucky.

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