Class NotesSummer/Fall 2019

Fall 2019: In Memoriam

The University of Indianapolis respectfully recognizes the passing of the following members of the campus community this past year.

Vanita A. Powell ’18–February 13, 2019

Michael J. Bradley ’14–March 8, 2019

Franklin D. “Frank” Giles II ’10–April 21, 2019

Kenneth R. “Rick” Maurer ’03–February 28, 2019

Jeno A. Lemay-Brown ’98 ’01–January 24, 2019

Kathy D. Hendricks ’91–February 4, 2019

DeEtta Z. Charpie ’87–March 19, 2019

John R. Healey ’86–December 12, 2018

Darci D. Hill ’84–January 24, 2019

Lea A. Shover ’83–March 20, 2019

Dinah L. Woelfel ’83–December 23, 2018

George W. Arndt III ’79–March 12, 2019

Kay A. Lindley ’78–February 18, 2019

Douglas Weber ’78–November 8, 2018

Ronnie I. Tuttle ’77–April 21, 2019

Laura E. Powell ’74–March 29, 2019

George H. Fulton ’72–February 9, 2019

Dortha S. “Sue” Boltz ’72–April 3, 2019

Dorothy A. “Jackie” Beck ’71–May 12, 2019

Elizabeth E. “Ellen” Hoffman ’70 ’74–February 4, 2019

Sharon K. Huehls ’70 ’99–November 30, 2018

Ralph J. Mulder ’70–March 29, 2019

Robert G. Shope ’69 ’82–April 10, 2019

Frederic P. “Fred” Dausch ’69–December 9, 2018

Carol S. Huffman ’67–January 29, 2019

Richard L. “Dick” Simon ’67–April 13, 2019

Steven E. Dalzell ’66–January 1, 2019

Mary Jane Poer ’65–April 4, 2019

Thomas S. “Tom” McNamara ’64–April 25, 2019

Bette Lou Groves ’62–December 1, 2018

Rose A. Bauer ’61–May 16, 2019

Donna M. Barnett ’58–February 17, 2019

Keith A. Slaughter ’57–March 15, 2019

Gerald L. “Corky” Ruark ’56–April 14, 2019

Frances K. “Fran” Dearth ’54–April 10, 2019

John D. Preston ’53–March 12, 2019

Robert J. “Bob” McKinney ’52–March 1, 2019

Charles H. Stotts ’52–May 16, 2019

Dallas J. Everman ’51–May 12, 2019

George L. “Leonard” Wood ’51–May 20, 2019

James K. Fisher ’51–February 26, 2019

Gale O. Creighton ’50–February 14, 2019

Ivan Moreman ’50–April 20, 2019

Dona Howe Amdor ’47–March 29, 2019

Virginia M. Franklin ’44–January 6, 2019

Rev. Charles H. McClung Jr. ’43–December 5, 2018

Louise E. Chambers ’38–April 30, 2019

Jessie Carter Gormong ’35–April 27, 2019

Richard G. Lugar

April 4, 1932 – April 28, 2019

The University of Indianapolis mourns the loss of Senator Richard G. Lugar, whose long and impactful relationship with the University created a lasting legacy.

Senator Lugar served as a member of the University Board of Trustees from 1970 to 2002, and through his work with the Richard G. Lugar Academy also shaped the youth of Indiana by personally mentoring more than 20,000 young Hoosier leaders over the past 42 years through the Lugar Symposium for Tomorrow’s Leaders at the University of Indianapolis.

Senator Lugar’s two terms as Indianapolis mayor are documented in the University’s Institute for Civic Leadership & Mayoral Archives. In many ways, these records will ensure that his leadership style, approach to public service and impact will be remembered.

Senator Lugar’s life example served as a model for our students. He was a constant reminder that all individual talents should accrue to the benefits of others, and he believed that civic engagement was a cornerstone of a meaningful life and the bedrock of a civil society.

Dr. Gene E. Sease, the University’s fifth president, recalled election night in 1976 when Lugar was elected to the U.S. Senate for the first time. Lugar was teaching full-time for the University that year while campaigning.

“The next morning he met his class and all of the media were there. He responded to their questions for a few minutes and watched the clock. When it was 8 a.m., he said, ‘now, if all of you who are not students will be excused, I’ll begin my lecture,’” Dr. Sease said. “He never missed a class.”

Whether as faculty, board member, special lecturer or graduation speaker, he was a beacon to our community and will be missed.

The University will long remember with gratitude Senator Lugar’s passionate advocacy for public service, his visionary leadership and work on behalf of regional, national and global initiatives, and his love for the people in the great state of Indiana.

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