President's ForumWinter/Spring 2019

Innovate. Partner. Inspire.


We hear the term “lab” a lot. And when we do, many of us tend to think of a scientist in a white coat surrounded by beakers. Labs take many forms, and at the University of Indianapolis we are creating new and innovative applications for those spaces and experiences through a network of industry partnerships.

The broader concept of a lab is a controlled environment that provides hands-on learning and real-world applications. These are the types of experiences you find at UIndy — embracing a wide variety of specialties across our curriculum, from chemistry and biology to financial planning, criminal justice, arts and education.

This edition of Portico focuses on the innovative partnerships we have built with businesses and organizations to solve real-world problems.

Our faculty understand the value of exposing students to challenging scenarios that inspire problem-solving and critical thinking. Such experiences uniquely prepare our graduates to contribute and lead. Employers truly value that — especially those with whom we have built lasting partnerships. These relationships extend far beyond our local community. Each partnership guides our students to move seamlessly into influential roles in the workforce, making a lasting and positive impact in the world.

I welcome you to visit campus and to appreciate two things: all that’s new and exciting at UIndy and everything that still holds true. You will see a network of innovation and collaboration with steadfast respect for the preservation of tradition. Experiential learning does not have to end at graduation. It is a lifelong endeavor. I hope that the stories in this issue remind you of that, and I look forward to seeing you on campus again soon.

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