ImpactSummer/Fall 2018

High-Tech in the Health Pavilion

Student access to cutting-edge medical technology and outstanding faculty instruction in the UIndy Health Pavilion is creating remarkable new teaching opportunities that were simply not possible even a few years ago. Here’s an inside look at some of the most innovative pieces of equipment available today that faculty and students are using on campus right now.


The Anatomage Table (pictured above) is the Crown Jewel of the high-tech equipment in the Health Pavilion. Used for athletic training, occupational therapy, physical therapy and exercise science applications, it puts remarkable medical exploratory research at students’ fingertips, or in this case, with the touch of a stylus.

The equipment, typically found only in medical schools and teaching hospital settings, resembles a human-sized smartphone, complete with high-resolution display, glass screen and fully-interactive functions. The Anatomage Table contains the complete visual data of  a human cadaver–keep in mind: it does not display a simulation, these are all authentic views of a real person, inside and out, from every angle and cross-section imaginable. For instance, the menu allows the user to remove the skin layer, isolate elements of the central nervous system in a different color and stick a virtual pin in a particular spot.

The 3D scan of the body is easily manipulated. A simple swipe of the stylus across the screen rotates and turns the image in 360 degrees, allowing for an infinite number of views and perspectives for scientific evaluation. It is a compelling example of science made accessible, and UIndy is one of the few places you will find it.

“Having a solid understanding of both static anatomy, and how the various body structures relate to each other and move, is critical for students in the health and rehabilitation professions. The Anatomage Table provides our faculty and students with a powerful tool to better integrate their knowledge and understanding of anatomy with their developing skills as health professionals.”

-Stephanie Kelly, PT, PhD; Dean, College of Health Sciences

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Nursing Simulation Lab

Experience in a real clinical setting is what ultimately enhances a nurse’s ability to deliver optimal patient care, and the Sim Lab at the University of Indianapolis is among the best at providing this learning opportunity for students. The robotic patient breathes, blinks, maintains variably controlled vital signs and even speaks–all manipulated by instructors on the other side of the glass from nursing students who are learning to make life-saving decisions in real-time scenarios. This technology, combined with exceptional faculty and clinical experiences, including the Nursing Academy in partnership with Community Health Network, routinely places the UIndy School of Nursing near the top of national rankings every year.

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