ImpactSummer/Fall 2018

A Story of Engagement: Renovation and Expansion of Our Community

New construction and renovation initiatives on campus are leading to growth and development in the greater community–including new restaurants in the area and a bus line that will connect UIndy to a thriving downtown.

Being a good neighbor means taking an active role in improving quality of life. This has always been the goal at the University of Indianapolis and some exciting developments–both on and near campus–are evidence that our goal to share wholehearted community health is stronger than ever.


Just down the street from historic Good Hall, a community garden is promoting good health for residents in the University Heights neighborhood. The project provides space dedicated to planting and growing fresh vegetables, and creates an opportunity to educate the public on healthy, affordable eating habits and sustainability. It nurtures something equally important: community. Good neighbors share, they help, they care. And when you’re a good neighbor, everyone benefits.

The University’s efforts have had a positive ripple effect throughout the area as a catalyst for a true neighborhood renaissance. Soon Books & Brews will open a new family-friendly location on the west side of campus in the space previously occupied by Shelby Bowl. This local craft brewery and restaurant serves up fare with a literary theme and prides itself as a place to gather and connect with neighbors through games and conversation.

Redefining Campus Living

Meanwhile, just around the corner, construction is nearing completion on University Lofts, a state-of-the-art student housing complex accepting residential applications for January 2019. Both University Lofts and Greyhound Village are the result of the University’s partnership with Strategic Capital Partners that completely redefined off-campus living with direct access to academic and student life services. The Lofts complex adds 300 beds and continues the trend started with the addition of Greyhound Village, which opened in 2016. These projects allow the University to meet the growing trend of students wishing to live near and on campus. Featuring innovative and adaptable common areas, universal wi-fi connectivity, and a variety of unit styles to address unique privacy and living arrangements, University Lofts more closely resembles a modern urban, mixed-use apartment complex than a residence hall. Housing options like this are essential to attract and engage today’s students and help to build a healthier campus community.


Restoring Our Past, Building Our Future

Impacting the neighborhood as a catalyst for positive change always starts in your own front (and back) yard. Significant renovations to Good Hall are well underway and, just as with the Martin/Lilly Hall, Krannert Memorial Library and Greyhound Athletics facilities upgrades, create a renewed sense of place for all UIndy students, employees and visitors alike. In Esch Hall, a new finance lab within the School of Business is another example of the University’s commitment to preserving the integrity of our core campus while improving facilities to serve contemporary needs.

Another element to creating a healthy campus is facilitating the need to grow outward with new construction. The University recently purchased two buildings on Shelby Street. Designs have been prepared to convert this space into classrooms and labs, which will house the R.B. Annis School of Engineering and the Department of Art & Design in 2020. That means more classrooms, additional parking and a new student community space on campus. When construction is complete, the art and engineering departments will both move into larger spaces that will provide opportunities for these students to further collaborate on creative and innovative projects. Additionally, these developments will allow for the expansion of the Department of Music into more classrooms within the Christel DeHaan Fine Arts Center.

Construction began on the Red Line this summer, a rapid-transit electric bus service that will link the UIndy campus to downtown Indianapolis and dozens of other destinations north, all teeming with arts, culture and entertainment. The Red Line transit plan is a critical step forward for Indianapolis to connect its neighbors and businesses, north and south, to expanded access to education, jobs and recreation. As the southernmost point on the Red Line, the University is more than just a stop along the path; it becomes a destination.

Redline Route:

  • A – New engineering and art & design buildings
  • B – Books & Brews
  • C – University Lofts
  • D – Community Garden
  • E – Good Hall Renovation



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