President's ForumSummer/Fall 2018

Reflecting. Improving. Inspiring.

Incoming freshmen came to campus for registration during about a dozen days in June, including this day on June 23, 2016. Mascot ACE greeted them on the Schweitzer lawn, counselors provided packets of information and directions, and a short talk by President Rob Manuel inside UIndy Hall A got things rolling. (Photo: D. Todd Moore, University of Indianapolis)

Summer is an excellent time for reflection and to better understand our place in the present. This is especially true for universities. As I look back on the past year, I am incredibly proud of the achievements of our students, faculty and staff at the University of Indianapolis.

A 2018 graduating class of 1,650 students, including 566 master’s and doctoral candidates, heading out into the world to pursue their dreams, another record enrollment of incoming freshmen infusing life
to a campus that is thriving and growing, and faculty whose teaching and research is both personal and influential all provide plenty of inspiration for gratitude and further reflection. So taking a moment to consider the big picture and where we want to go as a university is appropriate and wise.

Our institutional story is one of intention, innovation and community inspiration with a goal to enhance all aspects of human health.

This edition of Portico reflects on “wholehearted health” and the many forms in which the University is actively promoting wellness in our city, state and the world–from improved physical and mental health efforts to transformative initiatives as a community partner and agent for social justice. Bettering health and well-being has always been a core tenet of our mission and it is exciting to be a part of the University’s expanding realm of influence in this effort. From addressing health crises to improving quality of life in our state and around the globe, our students, alumni, faculty and staff are making a positive impact that is both lasting and meaningful.

“Our institutional story is one of intention, innovation and community inspiration with a goal to enhance all aspects of human health.”

-Robert L. Manuel, University President

I invite you to return to UIndy for the 2018 Family Weekend celebration, Sept. 21-23, and Homecoming, Sept. 28-29. The University is really at its best when we welcome back alumni, friends and our extended Greyhound family. When you return to campus, you will likely get a sense that things are different. While some things have changed, UIndy will always be rooted in the values and mission that have served so many generations. This is your home, so please visit frequently. And when you do, I hope these inspiring stories will leave you with a deeper understanding of whole-hearted health and the University’s ongoing achievements in improving lives, both on our campus and in the world we share.

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