Summer/Fall 2018University Updates

Summer 2018: College of Health Sciences Update

Interprofessional Health & Aging Studies

Danielle Bellows ’18 received the Outstanding Doctoral Project Award from the Doctor of Health Science Program in the Department of Interprofessional Health & Aging Studies. Her project was titled, “Use of a novel collaborative media technology to promote knowledge translation in online continuing education for pediatric physical therapists.”

Dr. Heidi Ewen, director of the Master of Science in Healthcare Management program, presented “Helping Seniors Age in Place: Roles of HCBS Providers,” at the LeadingAge Indiana annual conference in May 2018.

Dr. Laura Santurri, director of the Doctor of Health Science (DHSc) program, was named the chair of the newly-formed Interprofessional Health and Aging Studies Department (IHAS), which includes the DHSc program, the Aging Studies programs, and the new Master of Science in Healthcare Management.

Three Master of Science in Gerontology students presented their capstone presentations in May: Kyra Clements: “Addressing the Unmet Needs of Residents with Dementia in Long-Term Care;” Tyler Etchison: “M.S. to M.D.: If We Are to Rise to Meet the Future, Gerontology is the Best Medicine;” and Pamela Lindley: “Chronic Pain and Related Mental Health Risks in the Aging Population: Strategies for Holistic, Alternative Treatments.”


Faculty & Student Achievements

Nathan Eckert, assistant professor, published research in ProQuest, “Differential processing of nociceptive input within upper limb muscles.” The present study provides a new level of refinement within the current understanding of the spinal organization associated with nociceptive input processing and the associated motor control of the upper limb.

Jennifer VanSickle (professor of kinesiology) and Isabell Mills (assistant professor of kinesiology) presented “The Utilization of Academic Advisory Boards in Sport Management” at the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation Conference (COSMA), February 2018, Tampa, Fl.

VanSickle’s journal article, “Approaching Critical Service-Learning: Examining Social Change During a Year-Long Faculty Fellowship” has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement.

Cassidy Bruner ’19 (health & physical education) was honored as a Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE) Major of the Year.  Bruner received her award at the SHAPE America National Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. The SHAPE America Major of the Year award celebrates outstanding undergraduate students in the fields of health, physical education, recreation and dance. Roberta Sipe, the University’s HPE program coordinator, nominated Bruner for the honor.

Occupational Therapy

Faculty & Student Research

Dr. Katie M. Polo (assistant professor of occupational therapy) received a national service award in April from the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) at their national conference in Salt Lake City, UT. She received the commendation for her efforts in presenting an AOTA Pediatric Virtual Chat discussing how occupational therapists can support children with diabetes at school. The chat highlighted her published research in the Open Journal of Occupational Therapy titled “Interprofessional Collaboration to Support Children with Diabetes.”

Dr. Taylor McGann (assistant professor of occupational therapy) presented “Mindful Matters: A Pediatric Challenge” to the Indiana Occupational Therapy Association’s Spring Conference in April at Franciscan Health Center in Lafayette, Indiana. At the same conference, Dr. Sally Wasmuth (assistant professor of occupational therapy) presented “Creating Occupation-Based Programming: Assessing Needs in Mental Health Practice.”

Several Occupational Therapy students participated in regional and national conferences.
Photo: Several Occupational Therapy students participated in regional and national conferences.

The April 2018 American Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conference took place in Salt Lake City, Utah, where several faculty and students from the UIndy School of Occupational  Therapy presented scholarly research. UIndy’s contributors to the conference included:

Dr. Julie Bednarski (assistant director, School of Occupational Therapy, and Master of Occupational Therapy program director): “Does Participation in an Occupational Justice Workshop Change Occupational Therapy Practice in the Nursing Home? An Exploratory Pilot Study,” presented with UIndy OT students Kelsey Keefer, Kelsy Tracey, Sarah Humbird, Emma Rodgers, and Addie Williams (poster).

Dr. Lori Breeden (assistant professor of occupational therapy): “Older Adults and a Photo-Elicited Perspective on Shopping for Groceries in a Changing Community,” presented with UIndy OT alumni Alessandra Planera, Lauren Kirchner, Samantha Asencio, Matthew Branden, Evan Dunlap, Alex Robinson, and Samantha Stevens, (poster); and “The Influence of Bridge Employment on Roles and Routines in Older Adults,” presented with UIndy OT students Amanda Abbott, Kelsey Robertson, Ashley Barber, Calliope Gray, Jamie Guangco, and Samantha Rush, (poster).

Dr. Jennifer Fogo (associate professor of occupational therapy), Dr. Lisa Borrero (assistant professor of Interprofessional Health and Aging Studies), and Dr. Elizabeth Wyble, (Doctor of Health Science alumna): ”What is the Meaning of Occupational Therapy for Patients with Left Ventricular Assist Devices in Acute Care?” (poster).

Dr. Jennifer Fogo and Dr. DeCleene Huber (School of Occupational Therapy chair and Doctor of Occupational Therapy program director): “Integrating the Occupational Therapy Knowledge Exam as a Tool To Prepare Students for the NBCOT Examination,” (poster).

Dr. Brenda Howard (assistant professor of occupational therapy) and Dr. Rebecca Barton (associate professor of occupational therapy and OTD academic fieldwork coordinator): “Self -Reflection and Measurement of Professional Behavior Growth in Entry-Level Occupational Therapy Students,” (poster).

Dr. Brenda Howard: “Impact of a Fall Risk Education Program on Productive Aging: Motivators and Barriers to Change,” presented with UIndy OT students Fiona Brown Jones and Aundrea Sellers, (poster).

Dr. Erin Peterson (assistant professor) and Dr. Kate DeCleene Huber: “Perceptions and Insights Behind the Integration of 3D Printing in Practice by Occupational Therapists in Upper-Extremity Rehabilitation,” presented with OT students Kelsie Harper, Jordan Hillenburg, Haley Arlt, Julie Baughman, and Lexi Ferguson, (poster).

Dr. Katie Polo: “Applying a Self-Management Approach Across Populations and Practice Settings To Improve Client Satisfaction and Outcomes,” (presentation).

Dr. Beth-Ann Walker (associate professor of occupational therapy): “Exploring the Role of Occupational Therapy in Addressing Sleep Among Older Adults in Institutionalized Settings,” presented with UIndy OT students Jasmine Anl-Anzi, Kimberly Doebler, Michaela Elijah, Michelle Roelle, and Loc Tran, (poster).

Dr. Beth-Ann Walker: “Exploring the Role of Occupational Therapy in Addressing Childhood Obesity: A Thematic Synthesis,” presented with UIndy OT students McKenzie Arondelli, Danielle Brendle, Rachel Clark, Amanda Green, and Stacey Klene, (poster); “Content-oriented Validation of the Functional Cognitive Assessment,” (poster); and “Predicting Rehabilitation Manager Knowledge of Medicare Guidelines in Skilled Nursing Facilities,” (poster).

Dr. Sally Wasmuth (assistant professor of occupational therapy), “Qualitative Experiences of a Theatre Intervention for Addiction,” presented with UIndy OT students Aubriana Adney, Haley Brown, Danyele Clingan, Jill Hecht, and Michaela Thomas.

Dr. Sally Wasmuth: “Community Based Mental Health: A Collaborative Approach to Care,” (poster).

Krannert School of Physical Therapy

Faculty & Student Research

Ed Jones, assistant professor of physical therapy, presented an education session entitled, “The Foot Posture Index-6: A different way of seeing your feet” at the Great Lakes Athletic Training Association annual conference in Chicago.

Jones assumed the role of faculty advisor for physical therapy students at the Student Outreach Clinic (SOC) physical therapy clinic. He accepted this role from Jim Bellew, professor of physical therapy, who will pursue other avenues of service to the University and the community.

In February 2018, several faculty and students from the Krannert School of Physical Therapy presented scholarly research at the Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) of the American Physical Therapy Association in New Orleans, Louisiana. CSM is the largest national conference for physical therapists in the U.S. UIndy’s contributors to the conference included:

Dr. Frank Bates, assistant professor and physical therapist assistant program director, and Dr. Erin Peterson (assistant professor of occupational therapy): “Reflections on Planned Interprofessional Education Sessions for Doctor of Physical Therapy and Doctor of Occupational Therapy Students,” (poster).

Drs. Jim Bellew and Ed Jones: “The Effect of Repeated Use on Electrode Conductivity: A Comparison of Common Electrode Types over 20 Sessions,” presented with students Benjamin Burkett, Katye Clark, Annaliva Kissel, Caleb Murray (poster).

Dr. Stephanie Combs-Miller, associate professor and College of Health Sciences director of research, Dr. Elizabeth Moore (assistant professor, College of Health Sciences), Dr. Mindy Mayol (assistant professor of kinesiology): “Rate of Progression in Activity and Participation Outcomes in Exercisers with Parkinson Disease,” presented with students Victoria Nicholos, Brian Ragano, and Audra Heron (platform).

Dr. Combs-Miller: “Cardiorespiratory Fitness among Group Exercisers with and without Parkinson Disease who Exercise at Different Intensities,” presented with UIndy DPT alumni Drs. Lauren Porch, William Meardith, Zachary Pigg, and Samantha Sutter (poster).

Dr. Combs-Miller, Dr. Elizabeth Moore (assistant professor, College of Health Sciences), and Dr. Stephanie Kelly (professor and dean of the College of Health Sciences): “The Application of Shaping Techniques with Lower Extremity Exercises for Community Dwelling Adults with Chronic Stroke: A Feasibility Study,” presented with UIndy alumna Dr. Beth Gustafson, (poster).

Dr. Connie Fiems (assistant professor of physical therapy) and Dr. Combs-Miller, “Does the Sway Balance Mobile Application Predict Future Falls in People with Parkinson Disease Beyond Other Accepted Clinical Measures or Fall History?” presented with UIndy DPT students Nathan Buchanan, Erin Knowles, Beth Larson, Rachel Snow, (platform).

Dr. Paul Salamh (assistant professor of physical therapy): “Academic Dishonesty in Physical Therapy Education: Do Faculty and Learners Agree?” (education session).

Dr. Sara Scholtes, Doctorate of Physical Therapy program director and Krannert School of Physical Therapy chair: “Can Children with Cerebral Palsy Decrease Movement Impairments During a Functional Task?” (poster).

Dr. Tammy Simmons (assistant professor of physical therapy and assistant director of clinical education): “Number of Physical Therapy Visits Predicts Discharge Disposition in Community-Dwelling Older Adults after Acute Hospitalization,” (poster).

Dr. Bill Staples (associate professor): “Teaching Geriatrics in Physical Therapy Curricula: Challenges and Strategies,” (education session); “Mild Cognitive Impairment Is Predictive of Reduced Mobility and Walking Speed,” (poster) presented with students Kelsey Arvin, Leah Clifton, Tia Schrader, Zach Cram; and “Attitudes about Cognitive Screening: A Survey of Home Care Physical Therapists,” (platform).

Dr. Emily Slaven (assistant professor of physical therapy and director of the Orthopaedic Residency Program): “Short and Long-term Outcomes for a Patient with Midsubstance Achilles Tendinosis Managed with Astym and Exercise,” presented with UIndy alumnus Dr. Cole Uebellhor, (poster); and “Comparing the Management of Postpartum Patients by Physical Therapists with Orthopedic or Women’s Health Clinical Specializations,” (poster).

Dr. Steve Wiley (assistant professor of physical therapy): “The Experiences of Nursing and Physical Therapy Students in the Acute Care Hospital Following Simulation-Based Interprofessional Education,” presented with UIndy DPT students Derek Thiems, Klay Fiechter, Victoria Eger, (platform).

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