CampaignFall 2017

Restoring Our Past, Building Our Future


This summer, the University of Indianapolis began a restoration project of Good Hall, a university historical landmark.

Our Past

Once known as the Administration Building of Indiana Central University when it was built in 1904, the large red brick building was the University’s only structure for nearly 18 years. Over the years, the building–now named Good Hall after the University’s third president, I.J. Good–was home to classrooms, offices, a dormitory, library and chapel. The building also served as home to the University’s first president, Rev. John Roberts, whose wife often would cook meals for faculty and students living there. In 1984, Good Hall was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Our Future

Today, Good Hall serves as the home to the Shaheen College of Arts & Sciences and houses the history and political science, anthropology and criminal justice departments. The restoration process includes preservation of the columns and portico, which have become symbolic of the University’s history and future. Work to restore this University icon began in late June and will continue through 2018. Plans to transform the interior of Good Hall to align with the needs of today’s students are in progress.

Support the Good Hall Restoration

Your gift to the Good Hall restoration project will contribute to an institutional legacy as we restore our past and build our future for the next generation of UIndy students.