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Class of 2019 Legacy Scholarship Recipients

around-campus-3228Congratulations to these incoming freshmen who received Legacy Scholarships by virtue of having a parent or grandparent who is an alumnus or alumna. Alumni, thanks for continuing the University legacy with this next generation of future alumni! For more information about this program, contact the Office of Admissions at (317) 788-3216 or 1-800-232-8634.

Taylor Arthur (Richmond, Ind.)
Danielle Wheeler ’90 (mother)

Melissa Bailey (Winamac, Ind.)
Glenn A. Bailey ’88 (father)

Shayla Bauchle (Indianapolis)
Robert A. Bauchle ’77 (father)


Peyton Becker (Fairland, Ind.)
Daniel L. Becker ’95 (father)

Matthias Benz (Indianapolis)
Ronald & Sarah Benz ’60 (grandparents)

Peyton Brandt (Churubusco, Ind.)
Krista Brandt ’95 (mother)

Julia Brunnemer (Fishers, Ind.)
Kyle Brunnemer ’92 (father); James ’66 & Luella ’76 Brunnemer (grandparents)

Corinne Callan (Coatesville, Ind.)
Angela Marie Bates Callan ’88 (mother)

Ross Carter (Plainfield, Ind.)
Richard Carter ’83 (father)

Megan Chauncey (Winona Lake, Ind.)
Shirley Sarber Pitney ’65 (grandmother)

Lucian Conner (Noblesville, Ind.)
Genevieve Hicks Farrell ’90 (grandmother)

Ashleigh Davids (Beech Grove, Ind.)
Cary Leigh Hanni ’69 (grandfather)

Sarah DeHart (Trafalgar, Ind.)
Delaine Eads DeHart ’96 (mother); Joseph DeHart ’60 (grandfather)

Payton Dellinger (Alexandria, Ind.)
Michael Dellinger ’88 (father)

Brittany DeLong (Indianapolis)
Cynthia DeLong ’88 (mother)

Victoria Dorsey (Whiteland, Ind.)
Paula Denice Dorsey ’96 (mother)

Patrick Drew (Osseo, Mich.)
James Drew ’62  (grandfather)

Kaitlyn Eckstein (Indianapolis)
Karyn Kay Graves-Eckstein ’94 (mother)

Alyssa Freije (Indianapolis)
Ronda Freije ’08 (mother)

Benjamin Fulbright (Brownsburg, Ind.)
Melissa Fulbright ’15 (mother)

Kathryn Goss (Whiteland, Ind.)
Rebecca Goss ’88 (mother);
Ken Nevitt ’76 (grandfather)

Matthew Green (Indianapolis)
Lisa A. Green ’14 (mother)

Nicholas Handlon (Avon, Ind.)
Denise Adams Handlon ’91 (mother)

Christopher Heck (Greenwood, Ind.)
James D. Heck ’87 (father)

Ariel Hicks (Indianapolis)
Pamela Prather Hicks ’01 (mother)

Renee Hilkene (Greenfield, Ind.)
Larry ’86 & Audrey ’92 Hilkene (parents)

Hanna Holden (Greenfield, Ind.)
Mary Ellen Holden ’33 (grandmother, deceased)

Kaitlin Holton (Indianapolis)
Kimberly Holton ’96 (mother)

Adria Isbell (Lawton, Mich.)
Angela C. Isbell ’92 (mother)

Tyler Johnston (Sammamish, Wash.)
Charles Edwin Johnston ’70 (grandfather)

Sarah King (Indianapolis)
David Sanderson ’75 (grandfather)

Taylor Kleyn (Plainfield, Ind.)
Daniel ’83 & Cynthia ’82 Kleyn (parents)

Reagan Kurtz (Indianapolis)
Dan Kurtz ’96 (father)

Jacob LaFree (Plymouth, Ind.)
John ’94 & Michele (Kyser) ’89 Lafree (parents)

Anthony Lain (Shelbyville, Ind.)
Teresa Lain ’94 (mother)

Nathaniel Law (Indianapolis)
Anita M. Law ’86 (mother)

Hannah Long (Bargersville, Ind.)
Darrin Long ’90 (father)

Hattie Lusk (Indianapolis)
Jennifer Diane Lusk ’98 (mother)

Adam Lutgring (Greenwood, Ind.)
Duane ’85 & Kelly ’84 Lutgring (parents)

Derek Magee (Indianapolis)
Amy Magee ’14 (mother)

Joshua Mahon (Fort Wayne, Ind.)
Gary Mahon ’75 (father)

Danielle Martin (Pendleton, Ind.)
Darcy Martin Dittlinger ’89 & Brian Martin ’88 (parents)

Kaylin McMurray (New Palestine, Ind.)
Rachael McMurray ’95 (mother)

Zachary Miller (North Vernon, Ind.)
Vicky Miller ’95 (mother)

Samuel Moore (Avon, Ind.)
Michelle Lynn Moore ’96 (mother)

Alan Morris (Indianapolis)
Kerri Brinson Morris ’90 (mother)

Rachael Mrozinski (Indianapolis)
William Mrozinski ’97 (father)

James Mullen (Indianapolis)
Alecia Mullen ’93 (mother)

Robyn Nadler (Indianapolis)
Lois A. Nadler ’80 (grandmother)

Amber Perry (Greenwood, Ind.)
Carolyn Perry ’92 (mother)

Ashley Randall (Indianapolis)
Jennifer Sue VanCleave Sego ’96 (mother)

Sydney Reynolds (Greenwood, Ind.)
Laura Jean Reynolds ’00 (mother)

Brooks Riley (Indianapolis)
Kristin May Riley ’87 (mother)

Drew Rosier (Indianapolis)
Tina Ferguson Rosier ’88 & Eric Rosier ’89 (parents)

Sarah Sharp (Greentown, Ind.)
Kimberly I. Taylor ’02 (mother)

Philip Smiley (Beech Grove, Ind.)
Christa Smiley ’14 (mother)

Samuel Spicer (Greenfield, Ind.)
Kris A. Spicer ’96 (mother)

Robert Stumph (Lizton, Ind.)
Georgia Karen Stumph ’77 (grandmother)

Spencer Tillman (Fishers, Ind.)
Julie Noble Tillman ’96 (mother)

Rachel Welliever (Crawfordsville, Ind.)
Daniel Welliever ’61 (grandfather)

Ethan Whitaker (Morgantown, Ind.)
Rawlins Whitaker ’54 (grandfather)

Madeline Wilks (Indianapolis)
Ronald Wilks ’87 ’95 (father)

Melissa Zwickl (Indianapolis)
Stephanie Zwickl ’88 (mother)

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