Spring 2014University Updates

Spring 2014: English, Kinesiology, Physical Therapy, Math & Computer Science,

English: Showing his appreciation

Michael Milam wrote the foreword and was editor for the second edition of A Guide to Appreciating English Literature by Wei Jian, published by Zhejiang University Press, 2014. (Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages is a UIndy partner school in the city of Shaoxing, China.) Milam was the translation editor for Growing with Yiwu: My Yiwu Dream, to be published in 2014 via the Zhejiang Provincial Government. This is a 224-page series of interviews of international businessmen conducted by the faculty and students of Ningbo Institute of Technology, a UIndy sister campus. His article “Sports in America” will appear in Discovering America: Real People, Real Stories, edited by Anna Yurievna and Evgenia Luganskaya and published by Irkutsk University Press in 2014. Milam presented a lecture, “Twentieth-Century Images of China in the United States,” to the students and faculty of the School of Foreign Languages at Ningbo Institute of Technology on December 15.

Kinesiology: Scholarship on full display

In November Lisa Hicks, Mindy Hartman-Mayol, and students Royce Carlton ’14, Trent Vickrey ’14, Caitlin Gomez ’14, Braden Miller ’14, and Terrence Johnson ’14 presented “Resistance Bands: A Safe and Economical Way to Increase Strength in Your Program” at the Indiana Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance State Conference in Indianapolis. Heidi Hancher-Rauch and Shannon McMorrow, with students Lauren Hostetter ’14, Johnson, and Michelle Kruse, presented “Practical Strategies to Help You Advocate for Health Education Within the School and Community.” Four students presented posters at the Sport Management Scholarship Showcase during the conference; Jennifer VanSickle was faculty sponsor for all four. For the third straight year, a UIndy student earned an outstanding poster award; Ashley Fowler ’10 ’15 received the top award for posters among graduate students, presenting “Clustering Among Student-Athletes at Division II Schools: Fact or Fiction.” Fowler and Amanda Reed ’15 presented “The Senior Women’s Administrator: Roles and Inconsistencies within Division I Athletic Programs.” Student Aaron Ostapchuk ’14 presented “Special Olympics Indiana Event Management Project,” and Joshua Sollman ’14 presented “Developing Social Media Strategies for a Professional Sports Franchise.” VanSickle and Dave Breen (of Special Olympics Indiana) presented “Bringing the Service-Learning Experience to Campus: the Case of the University of Indianapolis and Special Olympics Indiana” at the 5th International Symposium on Service-Learning in Stellenbosch, South Africa, in November 2013.

Shannon McMorrow presented “New Frontiers for Health Worker Training in Uganda: Incorporating Skills for Social Change Within a University-Level Health Promotion and Education Diploma Program at Uganda Martyrs University” at the Symposium of the International Consortium for Social Development” in July 2013. Hartman-Mayol, Briana Scott, Hicks, and Lee Everett, assisted by students Kai Shin Chu ’13, Patricia Miller ’14, and Melissa Oran ’12 ’14, presented “Comparison of College Athletes and Non-Athletes Enrolled in a Multi-Dimensional Wellness Course” at the Midwest American College of Sports Medicine meeting in Merrillville, Ind., in November 2013. Students Jacob Hartley ’14 and Chelsi Kitchen ’14, assisted by Hicks, Hartman-Mayol, and Everett, presented “The Effects of a Wellness Coaching Program on Holistic Wellness in College Students.” Students Krysta Bradford ’14, Chaunell Abrams ’13, and Kitchen, assisted by faculty Matt Beekley and Everett, presented “The Effect of Different Focal Object Distances on Lower-Body Power and Vertical Jump Performance.”

Students Hannah Hartsock ’14, Chaunell Abrams ’13, and Kitchen, assisted by Beekley and Everett, presented “The Effects of External Focus of Attention on Lower-Body Power in NCAA Division II Athletes.” Students Audra West ’17, Kai Shin Chu, Miller, and Oran, assisted by faculty Scott, Hicks, Everett, and Hartman-Mayol presented “Pre/Post Comparison of College Athletes Taking a Multi-Dimensional Wellness Course.” Students Kitchen, Kai Shin Chu, Miller, and Oran, assisted by Scott, Hicks, Everett, and Hartman-Mayol, presented “The Relationship Between Self-Esteem and Multi-Dimensional Wellness in College Athletes.” Tyler O’Daniel ’14, assisted by Everett and Beekley, presented “Comparison of Different Measurement Devices to Calculate Power Output in Division II Athletes.” Cody Stout ’14, assisted by Everett and Beekley, presented “Reliability of an Accelerometer Device to Measure Vertical Jump Height.”

Krannert School of Physical Therapy: Publications and honors

Kathy Martin ’90 ’03 published “Dialog for Pediatric Physical Therapists: Hypotonia, Developmental Coordination Disorder, and Pediatric Obesity as Examples” in the fall issue of Pediatric Physical Therapy. Her “Efficacy of Orthoses for Children with Hypotonia: A Systematic Review,” with co-author Anna Weber ’13, and “Essential Competencies in Entry-Level Pediatric Physical Therapy Education” ran in the spring issue. In February Martin and Renee Van Veld ’98, with Stephen Black ’01 and James Borcherding ’13, presented “Student Remediation, A Professional Behavior Wake-Up Call” at the APTA Combined Sections Meeting in Las Vegas.

In addition to Martin and Van Veld, several other KSPT faculty presented at the CSM: Stephanie Combs ’99 and Dyer Diehl presented “Comparison of Outcomes and Exercise Behaviors in Persons with Parkinson Disease who Participate in Different Modes of Exercise: A Mixed-Method Study.” Combs presented “Community-Based Mobility Training for Persons with Chronic Stroke: A Pilot Study.” Stacie Fruth ’95 ’05 presented “Comparison of Standard Care and Physical Therapy Interventions for Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department With Cervical Pain.” Emily Slaven presented “What Factors Affect Return of Knee Flexion Range of Motion Following Partial Knee Arthroplasty?” and “Quantification of Changes in Gait and Function as a Result of Partial Knee Arthroplasty: A Case Report.”

Martin presented “Best Practices in Pediatric Clinical Education,” and Margaret Finley and Van Veld presented “Pilot Testing of a Novel Axial Rotation Unit in Individuals With Transfemoral Amputations.” Students Richard C. Kaminski ’11 ’14 and Ryan J. Powell ’14, along with colleagues Sam Kegerreis and William Staples ’05 ’10 and former faculty member Peter Rundquist, presented “The Effect of Guided Imagery on Neck Flexor Endurance, Disability, and Perceived Exertion in a Population with Chronic Neck Pain.” Kegerreis and Slaven each received special honors during the meeting. Kegerreis is the 2014 recipient of the James A. Gould Excellence in Teaching Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Award. The award recognizes excellence in instructing orthopaedic principles and techniques and is offered by the Orthopaedic Section of APTA. Slaven and a team of  co-authors were recognized by the Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy for their article “The Relative Effectiveness of Segment-Specific-Level and Non-Specific-Level Spinal Joint Mobilization on Pain and Range of Motion: Results of a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis,” which is the winner of the John Medeiros Distinguished Author Award for 2013 from the Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy. Slaven is the lead author of the article.

Combs and research partner Eric Dugan were awarded a pilot National Institutes of Health grant out of Boise State, the “Clinical and Translational Research—Infrastructure Network” grant. The pair will continue to work on their research, “Temporal Structure of Variability in Gait Post-Stroke.” Combs also published six articles on a variety of topics primarily related to stroke and Parkinson’s disease. Slaven’s paper “The Role of Astym Treatment in the Management of Lateral Epicondylosis: A Single-Case Research Design” was published in Orthopedic Physical Therapy Practice in January. James Bellew’s paper “Muscle Force Production with Medium and Low-Frequency Burst Modulated Biphasic Pulsed Currents” was published in Physiotherapy Theory and Practice, and he also presented it at the CSM in February.  The paper and the presentation involved students Kyle Sanders, Matt Barton, and Kristen Schuman ’12. In October Bellew was a featured speaker at the Scientific Conference of Ibramed in Amparo, Brazil, where he presented “Neuromusuclar Electrical Stimulation: New Concepts for an Old Intervention.”

In November Staples, Julie Gahimer ’85, and Candace Beitman (School of Occupational Therapy), presented “Service Learning in Belize: Perceptions following Occupational and Physical Therapy Interventions” at the International Symposium on Service-Learning at Stellenbosch University in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Mathematics & Computer Science: Mathematics around the world

Jeff Oaks and his coauthor, Mahdi Abdeljaouad, published a critical edition of the 14th-century Arabic text Al-Lubāb fī sharhTalkhīs a‘māl al-hisāb (The Essential Commentary on [Ibn al-Bannā’s] Condensed Book on the Operations of Arithmetic), by ‘Abd al-‘Azīz ibn ‘Alī ibn Dāwud al-Hawārī al-Misrātī. Oaks spent the month of March as a visiting professor at École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences) in Paris. He gave seven presentations during his time abroad, including one in Italian at a meeting in Modena, Italy. He will also give two presentations in Tel Aviv, Israel, in June. In August Travis K. Miller ’99 published “Preservice Teachers’ Perceptions of a Modified Peer Instruction Implementation of Clickers in a Mathematics Course” in Issues in the Undergraduate Mathematics Preparation of School Teachers: The Journal, Volume 3: Technology. He began a second term as chair of the national membership committee of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators in February and continues to serve as a board member for the Hoosier Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators. Livia Hummel presented “A Look at Non-Noetherian Grade” on October 6 during the special session on recent advances on commutative algebra and its applications at the fall southeastern sectional meeting of the American Mathematical Society held at the University of Louisville.

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