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Winter 2014: School of Psychological Sciences, Social Sciences

School of Psychological Sciences: Seeing double

In November professor emerita Victoria Bedford presented “Twin Ambivalence and its Consequences for the Well-Being of Aging Twins” and chaired the symposium “Optimizing Twin Aging through Twin Research: Multidisciplinary Perspectives” at the Gerontological Society of America in New Orleans, La. She also presented “New Challenges to Adult Sibling Research from Twin Research” as part of the Nineteenth Century Club Lecture Series in Bloomington, Ind., in May. In June, Bedford was interviewed for and quoted in the article “Oh Brother! Love ’Em or Hate ’Em” in Parade magazine. In September she presented “Adult Twin Relationships: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and the Beautiful” as part of the Montgomery Place Lecture Series in Chicago, Ill.

Jacqueline Wall was a co-author on an invited film review of the movie 42, titled, “The Fountainhead of Eudaemonia,” published in the American Psychological Association journal PsycCRITIQUES. She and the lead author on this critique, David G. Wall, are regular reviewers for this journal and have recently completed a review on the film Before Midnight.

J. Wall was a co-author on a research poster presented at the annual meeting of the National Academy of Neuro-psychology. Jeremy J. Davis ’06 ’09 was the lead author on this presentation. The presentation consisted of a study that examined participant performance on a novel test of verbal memory. This work examined the relationship between examinee performance on this test with that on a more established measure of verbal learning.

Wall sponsored doctoral student Cynthia Ross ’93 on a submission to the Indiana Psychological Association’s annual student research competition, held at the IPA 2013 fall conference in Indianapolis. With co-authors Wall, doctoral student Cara Pratt, and Steven M. Koch (adjunct faculty), Ross examined strength-based assessment measures that have been designed to evaluate functioning in youth. This research project explored the utility of these measures for youth placed in out-of-home care. This work originated from consultation with IARCCA, an organization of agencies across the state of Indiana that provide services to children, youth, and their families. In addition, this research was partially funded by a grant IARCCA received and was presented in August 2013 at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association in Honolulu. Two more doctoral students working with Wall presented research posters at the APA convention. Jay Hamm ’13, along with Wall, Philip Magaletta from the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and Ashley Dickinson from the Kansas Department of Corrections, presented a “Factor Structure and Utility of the Attitudes Toward Prisoners Scale.” This study explored the underlying factor structure of the ATP and examined scores in a sample of 711 correctional employees.

Dominic Letizia and Wall presented a poster at APA that investigated the effectiveness of a modified therapeutic community by examining two case studies of dually diagnosed offenders participating in this form of intervention.

Wall and colleagues Koch and Crystal Cederna-Meko ’07 ’09 presented three posters at the APA convention that examined treatment outcomes for youth diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder that had been placed into care. These posters were developed from a project that examined risk factors associated with placement and outcomes for different types of treatment, comparing youth with the diagnosis to those without.

Wall, along with D. Wall and Davis, presented three posters at the APA convention. This work explored relationships between the scores that participants received on assessments of effort with other test scores these participants obtained in simulated neuropsychological evaluations. These studies primarily investigated presentation on tests of attention/working memory and oral reading as indicators of effort and also looked at the methodology used in examining the area of research in effort in neuropsychology.

Wall provided a presidential address at the APA convention as she completed her term as president of APA Division 18–Psychologists in Public Service. In addition, Wall was a participant in a symposium organized by Bruce Bonger of Stanford and Palo Alto universities. This symposium examined issues associated with suicide in veteran and active military populations and effective methods of intervention.

As past-president, Wall represented Division 18 (Psychologists in Public Service) of the American Psychological Association at the annual Education Leadership Conference. One of the activities of this conference was advocating on Capitol Hill for the reauthorization of the Garrett Lee Smith Act. Wall and colleagues from Indiana spoke with representatives and senators about this act, which provides support for higher education institutions to enhance suicide prevention efforts.

Wall also served as site visit chair for an accreditation site visit for the APA. She has been a site visitor for the APA Commission on Accreditation since 2007. Wall also attended a bi-annual meeting of the APA Continuing Education Committee. As part of her membership on this appointed working committee, she is involved in the creation of policy recommendations for the APA on continuing professional education and approves organizations for sponsorship of CE programs within the field of psychology. Lastly, Wall was a reviewer for student submissions to the IPA Research Competition and the 16th annual conference of Rehabilitation Psychology (APA Division 22).

Social Sciences: Art in the Big Easy

Tim-Maher-2Tim Maher exhibited several new paintings in his “Art of the Social” series at the Ariodante Gallery in the Arts District of New Orleans. The exhibit opened on November 2 and his paintings remained on exhibit the entire month. The exhibit illustrated Maher’s integration of sociology and the visual arts with works focusing on communities and social life. Since the exhibit was held in New Orleans, several paintings depicting local blues musicians were included.

Phylis Lan Lin was the keynote speaker at the 2013 Cross-Straights EMBA Conference in Taipei, Taiwan, on September 28. Her topic was “Innovation and Innovation Management.” She was also the 2012 conference keynote speaker and her topic was “Beyond Success.”

In July Jim Wolfe published The Kennedy Myth: American Civil Religion in the Sixties. In the book, Wolfe tells the Kennedy story from John Kennedy’s presidential campaign through Robert Kennedy’s assassination and analyzes it in terms of archaic, historic, and modern types of civil religion. The book draws on a wide range of sources: social scientists, religious commentators, preachers, poets, memorial picture books, and interview materials involving truck drivers, kitchen helpers, and school children.

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