President's ForumSpring 2013

Stakeholders have 2030 vision: Common themes emerge

You may recall that in the last issue of Portico we explored the strategic planning process under way. I invited you to help us plan UIndy’s future by joining us for one of our Vision 2030 sessions, and many of you did. I’m so pleased that more than 1,600 of our community members have offered us their vision for UIndy. The Vision 2030 process has included discussions, retreats, conversations, an interactive “imagination wall,” and a survey relating to space needs. The results of our planning efforts are now coming into focus. In the “word cloud” images on pages 6 and 7, you can see the ideas that emerged from the student, alumni, parent, and faculty/staff groups over the course of many conversations; the various sizes of the words indicate their relative prominence in the conversations.

As part of our planning work, our task forces on intellectual and campus life, technology/online education, space, and communication and branding, which have a combined roster of 135 faculty and staff, have met regularly over a period of several months and have made their recommendations to the 34-member University Planning Commission about needs and priorities. The Commission is now in the process of prioritizing these initiatives.

To keep the process transparent, we developed a “subway map” model for our website outlining the process. When you visit it at, you’ll see that each circle along each route represents an activity that has taken place; clicking on one will produce a short summary with related photos or videos. The process has energized the campus community. It has combined listening, sharing, and imagining with action that is consistent with our direction. Some common themes have emerged. Create more opportunities for our students and our faculty to engage with each other through increased opportunities in undergraduate research, mentoring, and advisement. Use the campus resources as a source for economic redevelopment in the University Heights area. Prioritize investments by putting support behind those programs, projects, and initiatives that have the best prospects for lifting the entire University.

I hope you will stay connected and help us make the collective vision a reality.

Rob Manuel

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