Spring 2013University Updates

Spring 2013: Physical Therapy; Music; Philosophy & Religion; Physics & Earth-Space Science; School for Adult Learning

Krannert School of Physical Therapy: Being rewarded for excellence

Sam Kegerreis was a featured speaker at the Indiana Athletic Trainer’s Association Fall Sports Medicine Symposium and contributed to three poster presentations at the American Physical Therapy Association’s Combined Section Meeting in San Diego in January. At the January meeting, Kathy Martin ’90 ’03 also presented “Diagnosis Dialogue for PTs in the Neurology and Pediatric Sections” and “Best Practices in Pediatric Physical Therapy Education.” Stephanie Combs ’99, along with colleague Gammon Earhart from Washington University, St. Louis, presented “Making Fitness Fun: Parkinson Disease and Nontraditional Community-based Group Exercise.” Combs, along with Dyer Diehl and DPT students Jacqueline Filip and Erin Long, presented “Measuring Walking Speed in People with Parkinson Disease: Reliability, Responsiveness, and Validity.” Diehl, Combs, and DPT students Jonathon Fellmann ’10, Lindsey Prizevoits, Heidi King ’11, Stephanie Burkhart, and Erica Speer ’11 presented “Psychometric Values of the Functional Axial Rotation Test in a Population of Active Participants with Parkinson Disease.” Combs and colleagues from Indiana University presented “Is Walking Faster or Walking Farther More Important to Persons with Chronic Stroke?” Margaret Finley and Combs presented “Reliability and Minimal Detectable Change of Three-Dimensional Reaching Assessment in Individuals with Impairment from Chronic Stroke.” Combs and co-author Eric Dugan from Boise State University published “Effects of Body-Weight Supported Treadmill Training on Kinetic Symmetry in Persons With Chronic Stroke” in Clinical Biomechanics.

In October Combs and Anu K. Parameswaran ’12, Dawn Colburn ’12, Tara Ertel, Amanda Harmeyer ’10 ’12, Lindsay Tucker ’10 ’12, and Arlene Schmid from Indiana University presented “Walking Function Improves with Body Weight Supported Treadmill Training or Overground Walking Training after Stroke” at the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine/American Society of Neuro-Rehabilitation Annual Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

In October Julie Gahimer ’85 and Candy Beitman (School of Occupational Therapy) traveled to multiple cities in Belize. They met with community partners and followed up with formal interviews related to the Seminar in International Practice course in which several College of Health Science students and faculty participated last July. In November Gahimer presented “Health Promotions for Persons with Disabilities” for students in the School of Nursing at St. Louis University in Madrid, Spain.

In November Stacie Fruth ’95 ’05 attended the European Congress on Physiotherapy Education in Vienna, Austria, and presented “Onsite Presentations Led by Physical Therapy Students Can Positively Influence Clinicians’ Confidence in Aspects of Evidence-Based Practice,” “Go Fish! A Classroom Activity to Challenge Assumptions About and Enhance Empathy for Patients/Clients in Physical Therapy Students,” “From the U.S. to Tanzania: The Personal and Professional Impact of a Three-Week International Service Trip on DPT Students Before and After Graduation,” and “Practitioner and Patient Impressions of Physical Therapy Practice in the Emergency Department of a Level 1 Trauma Hospital: A Rapidly Emerging Practice in the United States.” Her book Fundamentals of the Physical Therapy Examination: Patient Interview and Tests & Measures was published by Jones and Bartlett in February.

In January Peter Rundquist, Linda Biggers ’09, and students Connor Ertel ’10 ’12, Jennifer Lebryk ’12, and Jordan Schaaf ’10 ’12 received the Stephen Gudas Award for Outstanding Publication in Rehabilitation Oncology. They published the article “Effects of Lymphedema on Shoulder Kinematics and Function in Survivors of Breast Cancer: An Observational Study” in a 2012 issue of Rehabilitation Oncology. The award recognizes people whose written publications in Rehabilitation Oncology have resulted in advancement of the practice of oncology physical therapy.

Emily Slaven had her paper “Prediction of Functional Outcome Six Months Following Total Hip Arthroplasty” published in Physical Therapy Journal in November and was invited to participate in a podcast with the editor of the magazine on the topic of prediction of outcome following total hip replacement.

Stephanie P. Kelly ’91 ’92 was was named to the Board of Directors for Fletcher Place Community Center and also was elected to the Board of Directors for the Academic Council of the American Physical Therapy Association. She began her term following an induction ceremony at the APTA Combined Sections Meeting in January. Also at the Combined Sections Meeting, Kelly presented the poster “Perspectives of Academic Faculty and Clinical Instructors on Entry-level DPT Preparation for Pediatric Physical Therapist Practice” with Lisa Kenyon ’98 of Grand Valley State University and Robin Dole ’95 of Widener University. Kelly also presented “Anatomy Teaching Strategies in Physical Therapist Education” with Kate Decleene (School of Occupational Therapy) and OT graduates Katelyn Alexander Williams ’12, Anne Bamidele ’12, Jennifer Bartlett ’12, Julie Bernhardt ’11 ’12, and Kourtney Maddox ’10 ’12.

Music: Statewide honors

UIndy’s Collegiate Chapter of the National Association for Music Education was awarded the 2013 Outstanding Collegiate Chapter of the Year for the state of Indiana. Senior choral Music Education student Katie Dunlap was one of three collegiate members from the state to be awarded Outstanding Future Music Educator of the year. Music Education major Savannah Shively was elected collegiate representative with voting privileges to the IMEA Board of Directors by the collective statewide collegiate body and will serve a two-year term. Upperclassmen Zachary Cardwell, Amanda Douglas, Katie Dunlap, Andrew Moran, and Allison Ritzline, and alumni Jacklyn Boskamp-Richardson ’11 and Amanda Vidal ’11 presented “Weathering the Storm: Successful Navigation of the Undergrad MusEd Degree” at the 2013 IMEA/NAfME professional development conference.

Brenda Clark was selected as the 2013 Outstanding Collegiate Music Educator of the year by the Indiana Music Education Association. She also presented “Strategic Solutions to Challenges Faced by Urban Music Educators” at the IMEA/NAfME conference. Music Education students hosted IPS School 65’s Christmas program in Ruth Lilly Performance Hall as part of the Performance Plus Series.

Tamara Thweatt, Mitzi Westra, and Rebecca Sorley performed a recital of music inspired by birds, titled, “Fine Feathered Friends,” with video collected by biology professor Roger Sweets for the College Music Society Convention at the University of Texas/Brownsville in March.

Philosophy & Religion: A necessary condition for knowledge

Peter Murphy presented “Reliabilism and Suspended Judgment” in November at the fall meeting of the Indiana Philosophical Association. He also published “Sensitivity Meets Explanation: An Improved Counterfactual Condition on Knowledge” in The Sensitivity Principle in Epistemology, published by Cambridge University Press.

Physics & Earth-Space Science: Hunters, fishers, and gatherers

Christopher Moore ’04 and co-author Victor Thompson (University of Georgia) published “Animism and Green River Persistent Places: A Dwelling Perspective of the Shell Mound Archaic” in the international peer-reviewed Journal of Social Archaeology. His article “History Beneath Us: Public Archaeology at the Lew Wallace Study & Museum in Crawfordsville,” co-authored by Anne (Shaw) Moore ’03 and student Zachary Gross, was republished in the online journal Indiana Archaeology. His article “Hickory Nuts, Bulk Processing, and the Advent of Early Horticultural Economies in Eastern North America,” co-authored with Victoria Dekle (University of Kentucky), was republished in Cengage Learning’s online CourseReader: Anthropology. Moore co-authored a paper presented by Anne Moore at the Midwest Historical Archaeology Conference at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

School for Adult Learning: Marketing accelerated learning

Laurie Daeger was recognized for her marketing expertise at the 2012 Council for Accelerated Program’s National Conference and was asked to present marketing strategies for accelerated learning programs. It included information on implementing a systematic marketing program and best practices used in the School for Adult Learning. In addition, Daeger was elected to the board of the Beech Grove Chamber of Commerce, where she will serve as chair of the Education/Communication Committee.

Kathy Simpher ’98 ’01 will present at the summer Commission for Accelerated Programs conference addressing effective strategies for advising and retaining students. She will discuss best practices for advisors and suggest ways for more interaction between advisors and students. Her presentation will also address the value of CLEP and DSST testing, Prior Learning Assessments, and portfolios as a means of increasing retention. Simpher recently earned certification in Prior Learning Assessment through the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning, an organization that monitors, develops, and offers quality standards for academic institutions serving nontraditional students. Her next level of certification will be completed by early summer, at which time she will be Master Certified in Experiential Learning.

Dr. Louis Holtzclaw, the first dean of UIndy’s School for Adult Learning from 1998 to 2000, passed away in January. He was 79 and lived in Greenfield, Ind., with his wife of 59 years, Marlene. Dr. Holtzclaw was an educator and Baptist minister who helped establish Indiana University’s adult education system. He brought that experience to UIndy and was instrumental in starting its School for Adult Learning.

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