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Passion for teaching leads to legacy of learning

“My parents have always taken education seriously,” Rena Marie Humerickhouse says.

“And a recent conversation with my mother’s college roommate revealed just how studious she was. You see, back in the early forties, when they were studying at ICC, my dad would sneak over to the girls’ dormitory and whistle underneath my mother’s window.


“All the while, her roommate would say, ‘Herb is out there whistling.’

“And my mom would reply, ‘I know,’ and keep on studying or finishing the chapter!

“My parents had a strong belief in the power of education. They both taught school (my mother was a home economics/family and consumer science teacher and my dad was an industrial arts teacher). Following in their footsteps, I too became a teacher, for 29 years.

“The tradition passed on to their two grandchildren as well. My parents believed in the University and its role in building a better world. This is why they chose to create an endowed scholarship at the University of Indianapolis. As any good teacher would, my parents planned ahead. They wanted to continue their passion for teaching even when they were gone. And they did so through their will, adding onto the endowed scholarship they had already created during their lifetimes. While I did not attend UIndy, I am impressed with what the University is doing with education. It is on the cutting edge. My mother, especially, was always on the cutting edge herself and looking to the future.

“As I think about their gift to UIndy, helping future students through an eternal scholarship fund makes perfect sense. This scholarship, the Herbert W. and Marjorie Anson Smith Endowed Scholarship, confirms their belief in the University and education—one that their family supports, also.”

Gifts to create an endowed scholarship at the University of Indianapolis will help to secure your legacy while supporting UIndy scholars for many generations to come. For more information contact Andy Kocher at (317) 788-3493 or akocher@uindy.edu.

Photo: Herbert W. and Marjorie Anson Smith with their daughter, Rena Marie Humerickhouse.

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