Spring 2012University Updates

Spring 2012: Philosophy & Religion, Business, Occupational Therapy, Psychological Sciences

Philosophy & Religion: Giving it a second thought

Peter Murphy’s “Doubt” has been published in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. In October he presented “Justified, Despite an Unjustified Pedigree” at the Kentucky Philosophical Association.

School of Business: NASCAR thumbs up . . . or down

Deidre Pettinga and Larry DeGaris had an article, “A Case Study for NASCAR Driver Sponsors: Making Greatest Use of the Character Traits Fans Like and Dislike in a Driver,” published in the October issue of International Journal of Motorsport Management.

Rachel Smith and Kay Poston received the 2011 Best Education Paper Award from the American Accounting Association Midwest Region for their paper “An Interdisciplinary Service-Learning Course for Undergraduate Accounting and Finance Students: The VITA Program Expanded,” which was presented at the American Accounting Association 2011 Midwest Region meeting.

Jeffrey Woods had his paper “An Analysis of Apprentices in the U.S. Construction Trades: An Overview of Their Training and Development with Recommendations for Policy-Makers” accepted for publication in Education and Training. His paper “Using Cognitive Conflict to Promote the Use of Dialectical Learning for Strategic Decision-Makers” was accepted for publication in The Learning Organization.

School of Occupational Therapy: Conference presentations aplenty

In April’s American Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conference and Expo in Indy, multiple faculty, alumni, and students will present research.

Rebecca Barton ’07 taught a regional workshop for the American Occupational Therapy Association Fieldwork Educator Certificate Program in July 2011 and will repeat this workshop at the conference. She will present “Perspectives on Fieldwork: Toolbox for Student Success” and “Project-Based Learning: Curriculum Innovation for Health Promotion, Wellness, and Prevention for Individuals, Groups, Organizations, and Populations” with colleagues Julie Bednarski  ’96 and Lori Breeden ’97 ’99.

Jennifer Fogo ’85 ’87 and Breeden will present “The Indiana Occupational Therapy Association-Approved Provider Program and the Indiana OT Practice Act: Understanding the Regulations” with colleagues Christine Kroll ’86 ’89 and Thomas Fisher.

Jennifer Radloff ’04 will co-present “Car-Fit Technician Training” and “Car-Fit Event Coordinator Training” with many leaders in the driving rehabilitation field. She also will present her research findings on “Survey of Assessment Tools Taught in Entry-Level Master’s OT Programs Across the United States” with Chelsea Becht ’12, Kiersten Hindahl ’10 ’11, Brittany Miller ’12, Crystal Stephen ’10 ’11, Julie Van Der Wiele ’10 ’11, and Ashley Wilson ’12. Radloff, Linda Biggers ’09, and Kate DeCleene will present “The Science Behind Preparing Students for the National Examination and Integrating ‘Clicker’ Technology into Clinical Health Science Programs.”

DeCleene and Alison Nichols ’08 ’09 will present “Information Needs Required to Deliver Evidence-Based Practice Among Occupational Therapists.” DeCleene and Lucinda Dale will present “Evidence of Blended-Learning Approaches for Utilizing an Innovative Anatomy Resource.” DeCleene, Breeden, and Bednarski, and Deb Sachs ’78, Donna Stephenson, and Angelia Ridgeway (School of Education)  will present “The Science of Teaching: Does It Impact Wellness?” DeCleene and Paul Arthur ’12 will present “Behavior Health Competence of Army Reserve Occupational Therapists.”

Candace Beitman will co-present “The Effects of Brief occupational therapy for older adults living in a developing country” with Erin Peterson ’12, Cary Eschenbach ’12, Courtney Gray ’12, Katherine Lowry ’12, Katie Pitchford ’12, and Tiffany Stanley ’10 ’11, and “Occupational therapists’ attitudes toward working with patients with ad/dementia disorders in skilled nursing facilities” with William Staples ’05 ’10.

Julie Gahimer ’85, Beth Kiggins ’92 (Instructional Technology), and DeCleene will present “Innovative Web 2.0 Tools: Application to rehabilitation practice.”

Julie Bednarski ’96 received her doctoral degree in occupational therapy from Chatham University after defending her final evidence-based project in December. Her project, “Occupational Therapy in the Long-term Care Setting: A Student Elective Course Exploring Occupational Justice Through use of Occupational Storytelling and Story making,” involved second-year UIndy MOT students and residents at a local nursing home.

In September Candace Beitman presented “The benefits of service-learning and fieldwork experiences with older adults in a developing country” at the International Service-Learning Symposium in Ningbo, China. Beitman also received a faculty Scholarship of Engagement grant from Indiana Campus Compact in the fall of 2011 to further her work in developing international collaborations with Belizean service-providers for UIndy OT and PT international practice coursework and service-learning activities.

In September Lucinda Dale presented “The Upper Limb Functional Index (ULFI) and Quick Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder, and Hand (QuickDASH) are responsive tools for measuring clinical change after an upper-extremity burn injury” at the annual meeting of the American Society of Hand Therapists in Nashville, Tenn. The abstract of the research paper was published in Journal of Hand Therapy. Coauthors included Elena T. Bolin ’98 ’99, Heather Howearth ’09 ’10, Megan Painter ’09 ’10, Ashley Pickett ’11, Jessica Small ’11, and Rajiv Sood.

DeCleene and Fogo published a review on the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association in the January 2012 issue of Occupational Therapy in Healthcare.

In June at the Festival of International Conferences on Caregiving, Disability, Aging, and Technology in Toronto, Canada, Beth Ann Walker ’01 presented “The effect of ubiquitous technology on caregiving relationships” and “Use of a resource-oriented perspective to evaluate mobile phone apps for seniors.”

In November Walker presented “How older adults use information technology to reduce caregiver burden” at the Gerontological Society of America 64th Annual Scientific Meeting in Boston, Mass. She also received a second place award in the Aging Means Business: Design for a New Age contest for her design of a user-friendly Android phone application via App Inventor for Android. She applied principles of gerotechnology to enable older adults to benefit from the latest cell phone technologies.

School of Psychological Sciences: Overcoming teaching challenges

Michael Poulakis ’94 ’98 ’02 and students Emily Dubosh, Kat Rivero, and Shruti Kankaria presented “Teaching during political turmoil: Implementation of E-learning in teaching clinical psychology in Greece” in January at the National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology Conference in Florida.

Jacqueline Remondet Wall collaborated with Steven Koch to prepare the section “Collaborative Benchmarking” for the book FFTA Survival Guide. In February Wall, doctoral student Alissa Kolb ’09, Jon Thompson ’96 ’02, and Chad Noggle were authors on multiple research poster presentations made at the the Conference of the International Neuropsychological Society, held in Montreal, Canada. All of their presentations examined the relationship of test performance to examine effort in a clinical population.

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