ImpactWinter 2012

UIndy launches second program in China

A new college in China bears the UIndy name and promises new opportunities for students and faculty on both sides of the Pacific. ZYUFL-UIndy International College houses UIndy’s second joint-degree partnership with a Chinese institution. Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages built the new facility in the city of Shaoxing, about three hours from Shanghai, to offer a three-year associate’s degree program.

A UIndy contingent, including Beverley Pitts, president, Mary Moore, vice president for research, planning, and international partnerships, and Phylis Lan Lin, associate vice president for international partnerships and director of Asian Programs, traveled in September to join in the college’s opening ceremony. Up to 300 Chinese students will be admitted each year to receive rigorous English language instruction and pursue associate’s degrees in business or applied English, awarded jointly by UIndy and ZYUFL. Graduates will be eligible to apply to UIndy to complete a bachelor’s degree, an opportunity not always open to them in China.

First came Ningbo

Since 2004, UIndy has partnered with China’s Ningbo Institute of Technology on a joint-degree program that offers bachelor’s degrees in business or English. After completing the first two years on the Ningbo campus, qualifying students have the option of completing their degrees on UIndy’s home campus. So far the program has produced more than 400 graduates, nearly half of whom earned their diplomas in Indianapolis, and many of whom have gone on to graduate studies.

“Like other organizations around Indiana and elsewhere, we see value in building relationships with the world’s second-largest economy,” President Pitts said. “And when Chinese students come to Indi-anapolis, they enrich the local culture as well as the educational experience for other students on our campus.”

Both Ningbo and Shaoxing are located in the Pacific coast province of Zhejiang, Indiana’s sister state in China. Indianapolis’s sister city, Hangzhou, also is in Zhejiang.

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