Fall 2011University Updates

Fall 2011: School of Business, School of Education, School of Nursing

School of Business: Cool tech tools

For her work in the area of instructional technology tools, Katherine Bohley ’91 ’93 ’94 was awarded the Faculty Development Implementer Grant to share this technology with the campus community. She presented “Ever Want to Be a Movie Producer? Animoto is for you!” at the Conference for the Academy of Business Disciplines, and published “Web 2.0: What Is It and Is It for Me?” and “Universities Becoming the Outsourcing Solution,” in the American Journal of Business Education. Bohley and Steve Tokar ’05 led a group of grad students to Australia and New Zealand for the 2011 MBA International Business Travel Seminar.

Darrell Bowman presented “Repertory Grid and Personal Construct Psychology: A Qualitative Research Methodology for Construct Development” at the MBAA International annual meeting. He also presented and published “Managing Technology in the 21st Century” at the 2011 Joint Conferences for the Academic Business World International Conference and International Conference on Learning and Administration in Higher Education.

Larry DeGaris received an InQuery Grant to complete his project “UIndy Sports Report: American Attitudes Toward Sport,” along with a Summer Research Grant to analyze data from and prepare a manuscript related to his UIndy/IMA Motorsports Sponsorship Training Program. He published “Using Mobile Marketing to Engage NASCAR Fans and Increase Sales” in the Choregia: Sport Management International journal, and presented a paper, “The Impact of Property-based Sponsorship Articulation in Meeting Sponsorship-linked Marketing Objectives,” at the American Marketing Association Winter Educator’s Conference.

Jodie Ferise was invited to facilitate multiple sessions at the Dolan Leadership Institute, including, “Turning Mud into Mortar: Making Conflict Work for Your Team,” “The Lost Art of Listening, and Other Relics Worth Unearthing,” “I Don’t Understand You, You’re Not My Type: Overcoming Communication Struggles Between Personality Types,”  “Communication in a Cyber-Swamp,” and “The Dot. You Are Here . . . Now Where Are You Going?” Ferise also led a group of undergraduate students to Ghana for a Spring Term international travel course exploring the topic of “Business as Mission.”

Esen Gurtunca served as an international studies panelist on “European Union—Recent Developments and Prospects” at the Indiana Academy of Social Sciences Annual Meeting.

Deidre Pettinga and Larry Flatto wrote “Using Personality Profiling to Create a Project Team.” Pettinga copresented an article written with DeGaris, “Integrating Teaching, Scholarship, and Service with Consulting Research,” at the Marketing Management Association Educators’ conference.

Michael Wilson published “Phenomenological Research and Its Potential for Understanding Financial Models” in the Journal of Investment Management and Financial Innovations and participated in a research roundtable at the Academy of Human Resource Development meeting. Wilson was awarded an InQuery Grant to lead an applied student project in which a financial audit was conducted for a local philanthropic foundation.

Jeffrey Woods served as chair and moderator for the Economics and Political Science panel, as well as the International Studies panel, at the Indiana Academy of Social Sciences meeting.

Vivian Xiang and Michael Wilson published “A Redemption Strategy for Students Caught Cheating” in the Business Education Innovation Journal. She also presented a poster, “Course Enrollment Management of a Joint Business Degree Program,” with Dean Sheela Yadav at the NAFSA Association of International Educators session on Best Practices in International Enrollment Management. At the same conference, Xiang presented another poster developed with Wilson, “Effective Teaching Strategies for Cross-cultural Classrooms,” for the session on Intercultural Initiatives for Campus and Community. Yadav was invited by the America China Society of Indiana to present “Collaborative Opportunities in Higher Education” to local business leaders and members of an economic development delegation visiting from China at the organization’s founding meeting. She was invited to speak on the topic of “Leveraging Guanxi in Higher Education” to local employers seeking to build their Chinese business networks through internship programs for international transfer students from China.

School of Education: Earning high marks

In February John Somers and Jean Lee, along with undergraduate students Jessica Sedoris and Amanda Jagoda, presented “Using Video Analysis to Enhance Preservice Teacher Decision-Making Skills” at the Midwest ATE Spring 2011 conference. Somers served as a facilitator at the Project-Based Learning Institute sponsored by CELL and IUPUI. He also presented the workshop “Creating a Flexible & Accessible Instructional Environment.”

Terrence Harewood and Becky Barton ’07 (School of Occupational Therapy) co-led a spring term trip to Barbados with 24 undergraduate students representing education, business, nursing and pre-nursing, pre-physical therapy, communications, and social work. The focus of this international experience was on exploration of one’s chosen vocation in a different culture.

In May Nancy Steffel presented “Family Literacy Invitations” with Susan Swenson at the International Reading Association Conference in Orlando, Fla. Steffel also was elected chair of the Decatur Township Educational Foundation for a two-year term. Steffel and Susan Blackwell serve as coeditors of the Indiana Reading Journal and have produced two issues thus far.

Kappa Delta Pi Sigma Omicron earned Achieving Chapter Excellence honors, meaning it is among the top five percent of all chapters, for the fourth consecutive biennium. Founded on campus in 1991, the chapter is marking its 20th anniversary. Blackwell and Steffel serve as advisors.

School of Nursing: Respect your elders

In June Cheryl Shore presented “Use of Simulation in Advanced Practice Nurse Education: Improving Student Attitudes and Confidence Toward Family-Dwelling Elderly” at the meeting of the International Family Nursing Conference in Kyoto, Japan.

In May Barb Winningham received her doctor of nursing practice degree from the University of Southern Indiana—the first doctorate that USI conferred.

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