NewsSpring 2011

What a tangled web we wove: New site is near

By the time you read this, UIndy’s website may have a new look—and many other improvements to boot. Staffers have worked diligently with departments to redesign the home page and many secondary pages to make it easier for you to find what you need as quickly and easily as possible.

Why the change? It’s not just to give UIndy a cool new look (though that’s a great benefit!). An organization’s website is now its most important communication tool. In fact, research has shown that one in four high school students surveyed removed a college from their prospect list because of a bad experience on the school’s website.

The most common complaint was that students couldn’t find what they wanted. On the other hand, 65 percent of high schoolers said they became more interested in a college because of a positive experience on its website. Armed with this research, we worked to create a site that will help turn these prospective students into Greyhounds. The most significant change is in the navigation. The home page now has tabs dedicated to specific audiences, including future students, parents and family, and of course, alumni. Each tab provides content relevant to that audience.

Want to see for yourself? Check out the alumni tab—it gives you quick access to Alumni Central, the online edition of Portico, Hound Buys—your source for UIndy alumni gear—and photos and links relevant to alums.

In addition to the new audience navigation, we’ve added menus across the top of each page to help visitors locate specific information easily, such as our list of majors and details on financial aid. Or you might be interested in checking out the Athletics, Arts, or Giving tabs, or brushing up on UIndy Fast Facts and other info about your alma mater.

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