Spring 2011University Updates

School of Psychological Sciences, Social Sciences

Presenting psych faculty

Dr. David L Downing offered a number of presentations and symposia over the past several months. In April at the Division 39 spring meeting in Chicago, he was chair and discussant on a panel and also was chair of an invited panel. He also presented at the Indiana Society for Psychoanalytic Thought. In May he presented a paper as part of the Chicago Association for Psychoanalytic Psychology Continuing Education Series. Elected treasurer of the American Board of Psychoanalysis in Psychology, Downing also has reviewed four papers to be considered for publication as part of the editorial board of Psychoanalytic Psychology.

Dr. Michael Poulakis ’94 ’98 ’02, Dr. Craig Dike ’02 ’06 ’08, Ekta Kumar ’10, and Betsy Shaw Elsasser ’09 presented “Acculturative Stress and Adjustment Experiences of Greek International Students” at the August APA conference in San Diego.

Dr. Rick Holigrocki has been named acting dean of the School of Psychological Sciences. Dr. John McIlvried has been named dean of the newly formed Graduate School. Dr. Jacqueline Remondet Wall was a coauthor on two posters presented at the National Academy of Neuropsychology Meeting in Vancouver in October. The lead presenter on both of these presentations was Dr. Jeremy Davis ’06 ’09. Other co-presenters included students Michelle Stone, Carolyn Sherer, Kara Shaneyfelt, and Claire Patterson and Dr. Crystal Killilea-Ramos ’08 ’10. These posters examined the use of embedded measures as methods of assessing participant effort in a simulated malingering study.

Dr. Wall was a coauthor/sponsor on six presentations at the convention of the American Psychological Association. She also was part of a panel discussing the relationship between the themes of the film The Hurt Locker and psychologist Dr. William James’s historical essay on the moral equivalent of war. Dr. Wall served as lead author on one of the poster presentations and was involved with four current and four former students whose work was presented. Students involved were Michelle Stone, Carolyn Sherer, Andrea Stenftenagel, and Caitlin Deranek. Alumni involved were Philip Held ’09, Crystal Killilea-Ramos ’08 ’10, David Bertram ’07, and Jeremy Davis ’06 ’09. Dr. Wall’s work with UIndy’s Center for Aging & Community examined turnover of staff in nursing homes across the state. Her coauthors included Drs. David G. Wall, Nick Castle, Wen-Pen Chang, Ellen Miller of the CAC, Jennifer Bachman, and Dr. Terry Whitson from the Indiana State Department of Health. In November Dr. Wall was invited to present at the IARCCA Collaborative Outcomes Conference in Indianapolis. Dr. Wall also assisted Dr. Ann Cutler (Chemistry) on a presentation made to the 21st Biennial Conference on Chemical Education in August. Dr. Wall was a recipient of a Creative Fellows award from the University of Indianapolis.

Doing change work

Dr. Jim Pennell’s 2009 presidential address to the Association for Humanist Sociology, “Doing Change Work,” was published in the November 2010 issue of Humanity & Society. Dr. Pennell and students in his Qualitative Methods of Research and Evaluation course recently completed a study for the Indy Winter Farmers Market of vendors’ views about the market.

In October Michelle Meer (Social Work) received the Mary McNulty Young Award for Achievement in Community from Marian University. The award is given to a graduate of Marian who works with others for the betterment of the community.

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