Spring 2011University Updates

Faculty honored for scholarship, service

A number of faculty members have been recognized for outstanding contributions to teaching, scholarship, and service at UIndy. Honorees received plaques and cash awards and are listed on a permanent display in the library.

Assistant professor Barbara Winningham directs UIndy’s Nurse-Midwifery program, which she developed and which continues to be the only program of its kind in the state. She was nominated for her contribution in designing and implementing another program, the Women’s Health Nurse-Practitioner graduate track.

Associate professor Beverley Reitsma is a highly rated educator known for her planning and evaluation of new teaching strategies in her courses. As department chair of Teacher Education, she has led new approaches to education technology and oversees improvement efforts and accreditation requirements.

The only repeat winner, professor Jeffrey Oaks was honored for outstanding scholarship. A nationally recognized expert in medieval Arabic, Greek, and Latin mathematics and algebra, his recent work includes publication of the 35-page “Polynomials and Equations in Arabic Algebra” in the Archive for History of Exact Sciences and four articles for the Encyclopedia of Sciences on topics related to various branches of mathematics.

Associate professor Jennifer Drake is director of UIndy’s Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellows program, a national model for teacher preparation and evaluation in math- and science-related fields. Drake also has organized faculty workshops to help colleagues apply the program’s Project-Based Learning approach in their own courses.

Professor Gregory Clapper is a prolific writer whose latest publications include a new book, The Renewal of the Heart is the Mission of the Church: Wesley’s Heart Religion in the 21st Century, and four articles in The Wesley Study Bible. He serves in the Air National Guard as Mobilization Assistant to the Command Chaplain of africom.
Assistant professor Margaret Ann Keaton of the School of Psychological Sciences oversees graduate psychology recruitment and admissions, attracting students from across the U.S. and beyond and increasing both the number of applications and academic quality of the applicants.

Assistant professor Rachel Smith exemplifies UIndy’s service motto by creating opportunities for students to apply their business knowledge to benefit the community. She is leading develop-ment of the student-operated HELIO Loan Fund. She also collaborated in developing a first-year experience project to guide business students in setting career goals.

Assistant professor Stephanie Combs ’99 has led physical therapy research for chronic stroke and coauthored research presented to the American Physical Therapy Association and World Congress on Parkinson’s Disease and Related Disorders. She has developed collaborative projects in UIndy’s schools of physical and occupational therapy and was lead author in an interdisciplinary research project in Disability and Rehabilitation.

Among English professor Toni Morris’s recent accomplishments was the major book she edited, Atom Egoyan: Interviews, an in-depth look at the award-winning film director. She also presented three papers at the International Congress on Medieval Studies.

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