Summer 2010University Updates

Scholarly pursuits – Education to Social Work

School of Education

The adolescent brain: What’s going on in there?

In October Deb Sachs ’77 (Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship Program), along with UIndy Math Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellows Darci Ames, Lynn Caraher, David Johnson, and Traci Schath, presented the session “Attention, Meaning, and Mathematics: Making the Connection” at the Indiana Council of Teachers of Mathematics annual conference. Sachs presented “The Adolescent Brain: What’s Going On In There?” at the National Middle School Association annual conference in Indianapolis in November.

In November Sachs, Angelia Ridgway, and Donna Stephenson presented the session “Designing Lessons for Student Engagement” at the National Middle School Association conference. They presented “Using Four is So Much More! A Four-Component Approach to Designing Engaging Modern Language Lessons” at the Indiana Foreign Language Teachers Association conference. Both sessions were based on their book Engaging Lessons: 14,641 Creative
Lesson Plans
, which introduces an approach to meaningful lessons that promote student engagement and learning.

In February Sachs, along with UIndy Chemistry Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellows Ashlee Brewer, Jarred Corwin, Laura Cummings, Amanda Miracle, Tammy Vermillion, and Marsha Zimmerman, presented a session, “Attention, Meaning, and Chemistry: Making the Connection,” at the Hoosier Association of Science Teachers annual conference. She also presented, along with UIndy Biology Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellows Ashley Grimmer, Keith Manring, Kathryn Meier, Alan Stuckey, Hwa Tsu, Megan Watson, Ashley Westra, and Robyn Witty, a session for biology teachers, “Attention, Meaning, and Biology: Making the Connection.”

In February Dr. Jennifer Drake was an invited panelist at the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education meeting in Georgia. She presented “From Adequacy to Excellence: The Development of the Woodrow Wilson Agenda in Teacher Preparation.” In October she copresented “Cautiously Hopeful: Is Project-Based Learning Really the Right Reform for Here and Now?” with Beth Berghoff and Sue Blackwell at the Bergamo Conference on Curriculum Theory and Classroom Practice in Dayton.

Dr. Nanci Vargus and Dr. Kathy Moran (Teacher Education) and Dr. Livia Hummell (Mathematics) are part of an Algebra Readiness grant at MSD Decatur, funded by Indiana’s Math and Science Partnership Program. This three-year project engages Dr. Hummell to teach grade 4–12 teachers in math content over the summer and has enlisted Drs. Vargus and Moran as evaluators on the Study of the Impact of Math Knowledge on Achievement project. They were recently certified by the University of Michigan School of Education’s “Learning Mathematics for Teaching” project to administer assessments to determine teachers’ mathematical construct knowledge.
Dr. Azure Smiley’s presentations included “Cultural brokering as a core practice of a special education parent liaison program” and “The crossroads of practice, experience, and critical race theory” at the Proceedings of the American Educational research Association in San Diego; “Moving Toward Culturally Responsive Family Engagement” at the American Educational Research Association; “Best Practice in IEP Meetings” at the National Alliance of Black School Educators; a presentation at the National Association of Multicultural Educators; and “Exploring Best Practice: Conduction Case Conferences with Families of Color” at the conference for the Council for Exceptional Children. She received the scholar award from the Association of Independent Liberal Arts Colleges of Teacher Education in 2009 and the Outstanding Young Alumni Award from Marian University.

Dr. John Somers and Sandy Plyley ’09 wrote “‘Late-Start Mondays’: The Catalyst for Change in an Urban High School” for the book Professional Learning Communities for Science Teaching: Lessons for Research and Practice. He presented
“Educational Leadership in the Context of Independent Liberal Arts Colleges” at the AA CTE conference (Chicago) and “Faculty Reflections: Methods of Best Practice for Teaching Teachers to Engage with Families” at the National Conference
for the Council for Exceptional Children (Seattle).

School of Nursing

A healing internal environment

Dr. Janice Cise will present “Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback: Creating a Healing Internal Environment for Women with Fibromyalgia” at the American Holistic Nurses Conference in Colorado Springs in June. She became boardcertified
by the American Nurses Credentialing Center as a Family Nurse Practitioner last fall.

Carolyn Kirkendall had her article “ST segment monitoring in the ICU” accepted for publication in Critical Care Nurse.

Dr. Cheryl Shore published “Continuing Psychosocial Care Needs in Children with New-Onset Epilepsy and Their Parents” in the Journal of Neuroscience Nursing. In December she presented the poster “Bone Turnover Markers and Serum
Homocysteine in Young Adult Women on Antiepileptic Drug Monotherapy” to the American Epilepsy Society in Boston.

School of Occupational Therapy

Blueprint Committee

Dr. Lucinda Dale was one of 11 occupational therapy educators, clinicians, and researchers to serve on the Blueprint for Entry-Level Education Committee in service to the American Occupational Therapy Association. The purpose of the Blueprint is to identify the content knowledge that students should receive in their educational programs, and it was published in the January/February 2010 issue of the American Journal of Occupational Therapy. Dr. Dale also presented at the 2009 Fall Indiana Occupational Therapy Association state conference on the topic of theory and application of electrical modalities.

School of Psychological Sciences

University Press publishes primer

Dr. John McIlvried coauthored a chapter, “Applying the Competency-Based Model to Professional Psychology Education, Training, and Assessment: Mission Bay and Beyond,” in Competency-Based Education for Psychology Professionals. He gave the keynote address at the annual Mid-America Undergraduate Psychology Research Conference.

Dr. David Downing’s book (written with Barry Weber) Object-Relations and Self-Psychology: A User-Friendly Primer was published by the University of Indianapolis Press. He passed the examination of the American Board of Professional
Psychology to become a Diplomate in Psychoanalysis and was elected to the American Board of Professional Psychology Board of Directors for Psychoanalysis as treasurer.

Dr. Downing presented “Between the Subject and Speech: The Imaginary Register and the Possibility for Psychoanalysis” for the Chicago Circle Association of L’ecole Freudienne du Québec and the Groupe Interdisciplinaire Freudien de Recherche et d’Intervention Cliniques et Culturelles in November, and “Once Upon a Couch: Bedtime Stories and Fairy Tales in Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy” and “Therapeutic Enchantment: Fairy Tales and Children’s Stories as Interpretative Touchstones” at the convention of the American Psychological Association in Canada in August.

Dr. Jeremy Davis ’06 ’09, Dr. Jacqueline Remondet Wall, Crystal Killilea-Ramos, Dr. Kriscinda Whitney, and Dr. Mark Barisa had “Using grip strength force curves to detect simulation: A preliminary investigation” accepted for publication in the Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology.

Dr. Wall cowrote a critique of Up in the Air, examining relational constructs presented in the film. An invited review, it is slated to appear in PsycCRITIQUES. Along with Dr. D. Wall, she has been invited to review the films Crazy Heart and Tree of Life. She is also reviewing a book for the journal. With Dr. Davis and three SoPS doctoral students, Dr. Wall had a poster presentation, “Use of digit symbol-coding to assess effort,” at the International Neuropsychological Society meeting in Mexico in February. This study used data from an ongoing research project of Dr. Wall’s, in which four doctoral students have participated as co-investigators.

Dr. Wall will be program chair for Psychologists in Public Service at the annual convention of the APA .

Social Work

Service-learning in Greece & Cyprus

Jeff Bryant participated on the planning committee and presented at the third international Symposium on Service-Learning, “Service-Learning in Higher Education: Educators, Communities, and Students,” at the University of Indianapolis-Athens in Greece. His presentation was titled “Service-Learning in Distant Communities: How Students and Communities Benefit from Selfless Service.”

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