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Realizing a Dream

‘ Somebody partnered with me and I didn’t even know it ’

“I believe that the pursuit of a dream is not like anything else you can strive for.”

When Katie Holden spoke these words at a luncheon last fall, she had a lot on her mind. For 17 years, Katie was taking classes on and off in pursuit of a nursing degree. She worked hard, taking on extra jobs to pay for classes when she could, and taking time to raise her two sons, Brice and Dylan.

After the still-birth of her daughter in 2005, Katie’s husband, Josh, began to encourage her to aim toward completing her college degree. She realized that she needed just one more class in order to start her clinical rotations. In 2007 she started to refocus on her goal of becoming a nurse, and in 2008, she enrolled in the nursing program at UIndy.

Now two semesters into her clinicals, Katie is more excited than ever to be nearing her goal of becoming a nurse.

“I was around hospitals a lot while growing up, so being a nurse was always on my mind,” she says. “My husband gave me that extra push to finish my classwork, so I took that one class, applied for clinicals, and here I am, riding that roller coaster!”

Katie also had another surprise in store. When she received her financial aid paperwork, she found out that she had been selected to receive the Mark S. Fritz Endowed Scholarship.

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“I was shocked,” she says. “Somebody partnered with me and I didn’t even know it. To think that someone would do that for me who doesn’t even know me is humbling.”

Katie hopes that one day, she, too, will be able to pay her gift forward. “I’d love to give this back to someone,” she says. “I want to help future UIndy students and let them know that there are people out there who are ready and able to help.

“It shows what a little bit of giving can do and how even a small amount of money, like helping to pay for a student’s books, can make a difference and help someone out.”

As Katie continues with her clinicals, she feels excited about her job possibilities and looks forward to her remaining two semesters.

“I feel well prepared and it’s great to be out there applying what I’ve learned,” she says. “I’m very thankful for my schooling, and for the scholarship.”

“I’ve never given up on my dream, but I just had to put it off for awhile. I’m excited to see what happens next!”

Jennifer L. Huber ’07

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