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Even more scholarly pursuits


Facing brutal facts

In January Dr. Lisa Hicks presented “Facing the Brutal Facts: Where Are You In Promoting Your Programs For Sustainability In Higher Education?” and “Kinesiology Advisory Board: One Avenue to Determine the Brutal Facts for the Results You Desire” at the National Association for Kinesiology and Physical Education in Higher Education meeting in Scottsdale, Ariz. In October Dr. Hicks, Christopher Modglin, and several students presented “Instant Activities, Quick Starters, and Warm-up Activities for K-12 Physical Education” at the Indiana Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance Regional Conference in Indianapolis.

Dr. Heidi Hancher-Rauch published “Nutrition Policy in Indiana Schools” in the Indiana AHPERD Journal. She and Dr. Jennifer VanSickle published “Go for Green:Promoting Your Profession While Creating Healthy, Green Schools” in the same journal. In October she presented “Fun and Practical Ways to Engage Health and Physical Education Students” at the Indiana Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance. At the regional meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine, she presented a poster session on effects of an incentive pedometer-based intervention on students enrolled in a university wellness course.

In February Dr. VanSickle, Dr. Hancher-Rauch, and Dr. Hicks published “Designing a University-Wide Fitness Program to Promote Campus Health and Department Image” in the Journal of Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance. At the International Academy of Business and Public Administration National Conference in January, Dr. VanSickle presented a paper on the effect of stadium signage on sponsor recall in the NBA and, at the AAHPERD national conference in March, will present another poster on game attendees’ intent to purchase NBA sponsors’ products.

Mindy Hartman Mayol had an article, “Wellness: The Total Package—A Multidimensional Approach to Wellness for the College-Aged Individual” published in Wellness Management in the winter issue. She and Dr. Hicks published “Increasing Physical Activity in University Students: Implementing a Pedometer Program into a Required University Wellness Course” in the Indiana AHPERD Journal last fall. Mayol will present “Wellness: The Total Package” at the AAHPERD convention in March.

Krannert School of Physical Therapy

PT practice and dementia

In February Dr. Bill Staples ’05 presented a poster on attitudes and beliefs in physical therapy practice concerning patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, and another on “the relationship between axial range of motion and kinematic responses to balance perturbations” at the APTA meeting in California. At the same meeting, Dr. Staples presented “Supporting Optimal Aging—Physical Therapy Across the Continuum.” He also presented, along with Dr. Stephanie Combs ’99, Dr. Dyer Diehl, and entry-level DPT students Lindsay Conn, Katie Schaneman, Nicole Lewis, and Kendra Davis, “Effects of a non-contact boxing training program on activity and participation outcomes in persons with Parkinson’s disease: a case series” as a platform presentation.

In February’s Combined Sections Meeting of the American Physical Therapy Association in San Diego, Dr. Jim Bellew presented on the topic of microcurrent, and he and Dr. Staples presented on the effect of acute fatigue of the hip abductors on control balance in young adult females. Dr. Bellew also published an article on facilitating activation of the peroneus longus in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

Dr. Stephanie Kelly ’91 ’92 presented at the International Symposium on Service Learning in Athens, Greece, in November on service-learning in physical therapy to improve senior fitness. Dr. Kelly, Dr. Combs, Dr. Rebecca Barton ’07, Megan Ivaska ’08, and Kara Nowak ’08 published a study on effects of an intensive, task-specific rehabilitation program for individuals with chronic stroke in Disability and Rehabilitation.

Along with Drs. Combs and Diehl, Dr. Staples presented on the same topic in Miami in December at the World Congress on Parkinson’s Disease and Related Disorders. Staples’ abstract on the role of visual fixation in balance reactions in young and older adults was accepted for publication in the Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy. He also presented on “the role of head-in-space stability on stepping reactions in young and elderly adults” as a poster at the APTA annual conference in Baltimore.

Dr. Margaret Finley and Dr. Combs presented on “the role of biomechanics in the management of upper and lower extremity dysfunction: emerging interventions for individuals with neurological involvement” at the APTA meeting in California. Along with alumni Miranda Passmore ’06 ’09, Elizabeth Yingling ’07 ’09, and Dana Whipker and Care Riesner, Dr. Combs presented a poster on “balance, confidence in balance and quality of life in persons with chronic stroke after body weight supported treadmill training” at the International Stroke Conference of the American Heart Association in San Antonio in February.

Dr. Stacie Fruth ’94 ’06 and students Lainey Havertape, Jessica Jones, and Candi Van Riessen presented at the APTA meeting on “overcoming barriers to evidence-based practice: the influence of topic-specific presentations, focused education sessions, or educational handouts.” Along with Dr. Combs and Jennifer Harmon, Dr. Fruth presented on “effects of an intensive task-specific rehabilitation program on cardiovascular efficiency in individuals with chronic stroke.”


Supply chain management

Dr. Leslie Gardner has had several articles published recently, including “Designing Optimal Global Supply Chains at Dow AgroSciences” in Annals of Operations Research; “Optimizing the Design of Global Supply Chains at Dow AgroSciences” in Computers and Chemical Engineering; “Illustrating Graph Algorithm Outputs on Graphs Drawn by Visual Basic Excel Macros” in Congressus Numerantium; “Context-Based Learning For Middle School Students:
Integrating Mathematics with Career Education in Supply Chain Management” in the Indiana Mathematics Teacher; and“Recruiting the Supply Chain Professionals of the Future: A Supply Chain Summer Camp for Middle School Students” in Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education.

Dr. Garner’s presentations include being a panelist on “Supply Chain Management Curriculum Development: Current Issues and Future Challenges” at the Decision Sciences Institute annual meeting; “The Bullwhip Effect in the Supply Chain II ” with Dr. Jerry Flatto (School of Business) at the Decision Sciences Institute meeting; and “Preparing Students for Indiana’s High-Paying Careers of the Future” at the Indiana School Counselors Association in November. She also presented at the Rigorous Programs of Study through Statewide Articulation Agreements—Indiana Report to U.S. Department of Education in Alexandria, Va., in October, and at a Supply Chain Management in Indiana meeting of the American Society for Quality.

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