NewsSummer 2010

How does it feel to…ride in a biplane?

“I rode in a two-seater biplane one summer when i was writing a story on it for Topics Newspapers, where i was a staff writer. The plane was in the Mt. Comfort air show that year. I didn’t feel the wind in my hair because I had to wear a vintage leather helmet, which was ultra-cool and chic along with very cool goggles. I did have the wind in my face, which I loved!

“It was refreshing and wonderful, such a contrast from the stuffy, stale air inside today’s planes. I wish I could fly that way all the time. I wasn’t the least bit nervous because the plane was so solidly built, in beautiful condition, and the pilot was a former Indy 500 race car driver named Bob Harkey, who co-owned the plane.

“He did different dips and curves, which made it great fun, and kept communicating with me to make sure I wasn’t (in his words) ‘turning green.’

“I wasn’t. I was having the time of my life. The view was incredible.  Bob even flew me over my house and the Topics office. He was great. I loved that experience, and I would do it  again in a minute if ever given the chance.”

Susan Miller, Krannert Memorial Library

Adrenaline junkie?

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