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How does it feel to…finish a marathon?

“What do I feel after finishing a marathon? Relief! When you’re doing a marathon and you’re about 20 miles out, you’re really feeling it. You’re asking ‘do I have enough left?’ It becomes gut-wrenching. sometimes it’s so hard to hold on. Those last few miles are really mentally difficult.

“But there are some marathons where things are going so well that you can’t believe it’s going so good—but those are few. Most of the time, you’re running on empty. You’re just about at your limits of what your body can store and handle energy-wise. “Sometimes the legs are heavy and sore and you can hardly move. it’s just all you can do to mentally hang in there. but it’s just the best feeling when you cross the finish line—to stop and you realize that’s it’s all that you had, but you made it. and then you get to go load up with food!

“I would say out of the 122 marathons that I’ve completed, I’ve questioned in about half of them if I had enough in me to finish. but that’s the challenge of the marathon: to be able to carry yourself through and get to the end.

“When it’s over, you’re relieved and you look back and think ‘Well, I conquered that.’”

Tom Hathaway ’54

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