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City begins work on Hanna Avenue renovation

Renovation of Hanna Avenue

Students have "Hearts for Haiti" as they raise money for those effected by devasting earthquake
Students step over crumbling concrete and dodge traffic on Hanna Avenue.

Years in the planning, the renovation of Hanna Avenue as it passes through the Uindy campus is now well under way.

The $7.5-million city project includes widening the roadway between U.S. 31/East street and Carson avenue and installing a landscaped median. The University itself is contributing to the project, investing an additional $1.8 million, primarily for landscaping and rerouting of power lines between Shelby Street and State Avenue.

The city plans to minimize disruptions for the University and the neighborhood during the extensive project, scheduled for completion in the spring or summer of 2011.

The project is designed to slow traffic, protect pedestrians, and add visual appeal. A wide, landscaped median will be added to provide a place for pedestrians to pause as they cross the road. Street lighting like that found elsewhere on campus will grace the new median and both sides of Hanna Avenue. gently curving sidewalks, plus trees, bushes, and flowers, will provide additional visual appeal. entrances and exits  to campus from Hanna Avenue will be simplified.

Crews will work eastward from U.S. 31 to Carson on the north lanes of Hanna, then westward from Carson to 31 on the south lanes. The city’s intent is for most of the work immediately adjacent to campus to be performed in the summer months, and for  crosswalks and entrances to remain open as much as possible.

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