A Thirst to Change the World: Gwen Debaun ’16 Inspires Community Advocacy


Life had changed for Gwen Debaun. No longer was she a globetrotting activist, traveling to eleven countries in 11 months with World Race, a Christian-based mission to serve people and communities in need. She returned from the adventure with her itch to travel momentarily scratched, but now the urge that had driven her to leave everything to serve humanity was […]

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Destination: Hope. Cole Varga ’10 Leads Refugee Assistance


When Nduwimana Sada Nahayo fled her war-torn province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2009, she and her two children had no destination; only the hope that they would find peace and safety. It would take two years of illness and uncertainty before the family settled in Ethiopia, where their dreams of becoming American citizens were answered with […]

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Her Relentless Pursuit


Invisible beyond the horizon, too many men are trafficked and enslaved aboard fishing ships in Thailand’s $1 billion fishing industry. These are people who exist in the shadows across the globe, part of a modern-day slave trade that represents a major humanitarian issue. The International Labour Organization estimates there are 21 million victims of forced labor worldwide, including 4.5 million […]

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An Education of Mind and Heart


Guest Column by:  Jodie Ferise, PhD Associate Provost for International Engagement and Shared Governance I remember as a young adjunct professor 15 years ago, I fretted over every detail of lesson preparation for my students. But I always had lingering doubts.  How much of it stuck?  Was I really teaching them?  When they needed the information, would they recall it? […]

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Ghana Benefits from UIndy Network of Support


A school isn’t always a classroom filled with desks, computers and textbooks in rural Ghana.  Sometimes, it is nothing more than a quiet spot under a  tree or an empty building in a remote countryside.  In rural Ghana, a school isn’t always a classroom filled with desks, computers and textbooks. Sometimes, it is nothing more than a quiet spot under a […]

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Motivated to Change the World: The Ron & Laura Strain Honors College


Nearly 280 students are enrolled in the Honors College for the 2017–2018 academic year. When University of Indianapolis students seek extra academic challenges and a unique community, they look to the Ron and Laura Strain Honors College — where the curriculum merges with independent study and leadership and service opportunities. Sophomore Chase Frazier, computer science and computer engineering major, sees that […]

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Learning By Doing Never Ends


Guest Column by: Becca Cartledge, Instructor & Clinical Learning Centers Coordinator, Faith Community Nurse Educator, School of Nursing For nursing students at the University of Indianapolis, the bridge between the classroom and clinical practice extends beyond patient care and bedside manner. University of Indianapolis’ nursing program has a proud tradition of community partnerships that offer students opportunities to develop skills […]

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A Global Perspective: A journey on the El Camino de Santiago


Imagine a place where the only sounds are the crunch of gravel beneath your feet and birdsong filling the mountain air. The road in front of you rises and turns through verdant hills. The usual worries about schedules and obligations are left behind, and the only thing to consider is the next step ahead. The road is known as El […]

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Vision becoming a reality

UIndy Starts With You: The Campaign for the University of Indianapolis UIndy has always been a community that strives to prepare students to make a difference in the world and reach their potential. That’s why we worked hard together to identify needs and opportunities under the umbrella of the Vision 2030 plan. The result? On October 2, we unveiled the […]

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