Opening New Doors for STEM Professionals


Rolls Royce Engineer Fulfills Dream to Teach Transition to teaching program opens new doors for STEM professionals Just two years ago, Jas’minique Potter played a vital role as a design engineer at Rolls-Royce. This fall, she walked into a seventh-grade classroom with the skills to begin a career as a math teacher. Potter recently received the award ‘new educators succeeding […]

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Tackling a Nationwide Shortage


Pioneering Community-based Nursing Collaborating with healthcare providers across the region, School of Nursing faculty are leading strategies to identify innovative healthcare practices to address community needs, while at the same time enriching educational opportunities for healthcare practitioners and nursing students. A partnership between UIndy and one of central Indiana’s leading healthcare providers, Community Health Network (CHN), is transforming the ways […]

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Learning and Living Business


From Supply Chain Management to Six Sigma Certification, UIndy’s School of Business is partnering students with businesses to solve real-world problems.    For decades, businesses have sought to reduce inefficiencies and drive improvement. Industry leaders such as Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, and countless other corporate executives and management teams have focused on developing management innovations to transform […]

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Partners in Justice


A modest home, previously unoccupied, is visited by a team of forensic specialists. Once inside, the group moves methodically throughout the house, carefully examining the scene to document facts and collect evidence with the deliberate precision that this task requires in the real-world. Except they are not there to investigate an actual crime; it’s a simulation to prepare the next generation […]

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Building a Biotech Talent Pipeline


When one of the world’s leading biotech companies began experiencing a workforce development gap, the solution was to partner with the University of Indianapolis to create the Roche Academy. Roche by the Numbers: 93,000 employees worldwide 4,500 employees at U.S. headquarters in Indianapolis What makes the Roche Academy truly innovative is a focus on creating an early-in-career talent pipeline. Historically, Roche […]

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What is Wholehearted Health?


wholehearted \ ˈhōl-ˈhär-təd \ 1: completely and sincerely devoted, determined, or enthusiastic 2: marked by complete earnest commitment: free from all reserve or hesitation –wholeheartedly  adverb *Merriam-Webster Dictionary, 2018 At the University of Indianapolis, we embrace a holistic approach to improving wellness in every sense of the word–physical, mental, community and social. This commitment to service comes from a place […]

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Bringing Hope to a Disease of Despair


More than 300,000 Hoosiers find themselves in situations that seem hopeless.* While these individuals are impacted by the growing opioid crisis, so is the need to prepare healthcare professionals to treat them. In keeping with a history of addressing the most pressing issues of the day, the University recently launched two graduate programs (master’s and certificate programs) in addictions counseling. […]

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High-Tech in the Health Pavilion


Student access to cutting-edge medical technology and outstanding faculty instruction in the UIndy Health Pavilion is creating remarkable new teaching opportunities that were simply not possible even a few years ago. Here’s an inside look at some of the most innovative pieces of equipment available today that faculty and students are using on campus right now. The Anatomage Table (pictured […]

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The Art of Healing


Through UIndy’s art and music therapy programs “With 43 million Americans experiencing mental illness, the need for art therapy is great and the applications are endless” – National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) A pack of colored pencils, paper, clay. Tools like these are succeeding where others have failed to treat common mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression or post-traumatic stress […]

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A Story of Engagement: Renovation and Expansion of Our Community


New construction and renovation initiatives on campus are leading to growth and development in the greater community–including new restaurants in the area and a bus line that will connect UIndy to a thriving downtown. Being a good neighbor means taking an active role in improving quality of life. This has always been the goal at the University of Indianapolis and […]

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